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Generates unique, custom-made pet portraits.
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Pet Portrait AI provides a unique digital service wherein it generates custom-made portraits of both household and exotic pets. Aimed at pet owners looking for a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift, the tool leverages advanced artificial intelligence technology to create unique and personalized pet portraits in a variety of styles.

The tool utilizes deep learning techniques to develop a custom AI model for each pet. This model allows it to generate distinctive pet portraits across a broad spectrum of styles and themes.

The finished portraits are designed to be highly detailed and individualized, capturing the unique attributes and personality of each pet. The platform is notable for its expansive range of options, including historical, popular culture, classical art, and other visual media inspired styles.

Users receive a set of separate photos in high resolution which generally take between 1-2 days to create. Moreover, Pet Portrait AI displays appreciation for open source contributions, indicating usage of community-developed technologies.

The service is offered internationally, in multiple countries and regions.


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Pet Portrait AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 17th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Custom-made pet portraits
Uses Clip-Guided Diffusion Model
Produces high resolution images
Works with various pet types
Offers framing options
Creates pet-themed image packs
Supports open source contributions
Generates portraits in different styles
Delivers quickly (under 24h)
Available for international service
Creates pet avatars
Combines popular culture themes
Historical, classical art styles
Crosses into visual media styles
Images provided in sets
Efficient 1-2 day service
User-friendly application
Affordable pet portraits
Offers different package options
Allows portrait customization
Delivers digital service
Accepts multiple payment methods
Promotes new image packs
Adopts advanced deep learning
Open to household/exotic pets
Capable of capturing pet attributes
Runs models on cloud compute clusters
Post-processing images offered
10+ styles in base package
Service available in multiple countries
Appreciates community tech developments
Implements Stable Diffusion for images


Only two resolution options
24-hour creation time
No preview before purchase
Depends on open-source contributions
Possible model training delay
Fixed set of styles
No mobile app
Limited image pack options
No multi-pet portraits option
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