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Photorealistic image generation with custom settings.
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Photo AI is a revolutionary artificial intelligence tool that allows users to generate photorealistic images of themselves or models with different outfits, lighting, and settings.

It is the first AI photographer that can automatically create images in any setting, anywhere in the world.Using Photo AI, users can create a photo shoot with a variety of shots, aesthetics, and outfits.

They can also copycat a photo they have uploaded by selecting the desired photo strength, number of photos to take, and orientation. Additionally, users can train their own model by uploading 25-250 photos of their subject, as varied as possible.The AI technology of Photo AI will then generate photorealistic images, with a variety of settings, such as beach, ocean, street, mall, gym, night club, house party, bar, coffee place, library, university, dog cafe, cat cafe, modern architecture home, living room, garden, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, study room, attic, meeting room, coworking space, restaurant, hotel lobby, airport, museum, restaurant, lunch place, forest, desert, ski resort, golf course, lake, snow, pool, taxi, jungle, waterfall, red carpet, gala event, private jet, halloween party, christmas, thanksgiving, wedding, birthday party, and many more.The lighting of the images can also be adjusted with sun light, camera flash, golden hour, indoor lights, street lights, colorful smoke, neon lights, party lights, night club lights, string lights, natural light, black light, studio light, spot light, scatter light, diffuse light, and TL light.Users can also choose the desired emotion, age, and action to be portrayed in the image.

The AI tool will then generate photorealistic images that can be viewed, remixed, and downloaded.

Photo AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 10th 2023.
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Jan 25, 2024
I will try it first
Dec 30, 2023
हम तेरी जन्नत के मोहताज नही, हम “श्री बांके बिहारी” के चरणों में रहते है, वहां तेरी भी कोई औकात नहीं…!!!
Oct 31, 2023
It's not free, it forces you to input an email before shoving a price tag in your face.
Jan 22, 2024
appreciate the heads up
Oct 31, 2023
Not free, forces you to input an email before shoving a price tag in your face.
Oct 16, 2023
it's not free
Oct 8, 2023
It's not free. only paid
Jul 20, 2023
حضرت عباس
Jul 16, 2023
no pricing??? i even have no chance to try
May 19, 2023
I want add my photo into another one

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Pros and Cons


Generates photorealistic images
Customizable settings
Can copycat uploaded photos
Train own models
Multiple environment options
Adjustable lighting
Multiple light sources
Choose desired emotion
Age choice for model
Portray action in image
Remix and download option
Close-up, medium, wide shots
Multiple aesthetics choices
Different possible outfits
Wide range of places
Emulation of popular locales
Different time settings
Multiple actions for models
Square, portrait, landscape orientation
Multiple emotion options
Different age settings
Choice of photo quantity
Quick photo generation
Image saving feature
User-friendly interface
Model training feature
Large variety of ethnicities
Model naming option
Saved and trash sections
Straightforward navigation
Clean and concise layout
Short load times


Limited single model training
Lengthy model training time
Lacks batch processing feature
Doesn't support sunglasses for training
No other people allowed in training
Limited age range
No grayscale images for training
No real-time preview
No support for collaboration
Limited orientation options


What is Photo AI?
What can Photo AI do?
How does Photo AI create photorealistic images?
How can I use Photo AI to mimic a photo I've uploaded?
How does the training feature work in Photo AI?
What settings and themes are available in Photo AI?
What kind of lighting options does Photo AI offer?
How can I adjust the emotion, age, and action displayed in the images generated by Photo AI?
How do I download the images created by Photo AI?
What makes Photo AI the first AI photographer?
What is the 'remix' feature in Photo AI?
How many photos can I take with Photo AI?
Can I choose what my model wears in Photo AI?
How varied can my settings be when using Photo AI?
Can Photo AI generate photos for specific events like weddings or Christmas?
Does Photo AI have location settings?
What are the guidelines for training my own model on Photo AI?
Can Photo AI generate images with specific orientations?
Can Photo AI generate images depicting different times of the day?
What is the upgrade to Pro in Photo AI?


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