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Transform your imagination into stunning digital art with Photosonic.
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Photosonic is an AI-based art generator developed by Writesonic. This tool enables users to create diverse and unique pieces of art, including, but not limited to, trippy paintings, minimalist illustrations, cartoon canvases and even abstract art faces.

From matching specific requirements for a project to generating art for usage across multiple online platforms, Photosonic offers extensive capabilities.

It can create artwork for social media platforms, blog posts, and landing pages. Furthermore, it even supports the creation of life-like portraits of individuals who do not exist, providing original and photo-realistic images.

The AI tool is user-friendly, requiring no high-level art expertise. By inputting accurate text prompts, users can generate art quickly and easily. Additionally, the AI art tool is developed to foster creativity amongst its users, providing them with an endless scope of untapped possibilities in the realm of digital art.

Moreover, the tool eliminates the need for expensive stock photos by creating royalty-free AI-generated artwork. This feature-rich AI art generator is designed to boost efficiency, save costs, and amplify the creative possibilities for its users.

Photosonic by Writesonic was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 23rd 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Generates digital art
Eliminates watermark
HD quality images
Enhanced faces feature
Autocomplete prompt
Painting generator
Editor's picks feature
Generates various styles
Generates various sizes
3D image generation
Unreal Engine support
Free to use
Comes with copyright
Generates oil painting style
Generates cyberpunk style
Generates Square images
Generates HD images
Suggests creative examples
Count of images generated
Displays recent generations
Generate traditional Japanese style
Generate realistic portraits
Generates art deco style
Generated images insanely detailed
Supports ray tracing technology
Support for watercolor design
Supports flat design vector
Generates black and white style
Generates futuristic design
Generates horror style
Generates neon colours
Generates commercial images


Limited style options
No custom style option
Dependent on Unreal Engine
No offline version
Not open source
Limited image size options
No multi-layer generation
Requires login/sign-up
Doesn't support batch processing
No API available


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What is Writesonic, the AI that powers Photosonic?
Can Photosonic AI generate art in the style of specific artists?

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