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Realistic personas for personal, commercial use.
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Picaii is an AI tool that allows users to create realistic digital likeness that can be used for various purposes including personal and commercial use.

The tool uses personalized prompts to generate AI images in four categories: beauty, AI robot, fantasy, and cartoon. To get the best results, the tool requires users to upload close-up photos of their models, showing their shoulders, with different facial expressions, in various locations, backgrounds, and angles.

Picaii ensures the privacy of users by ensuring that images uploaded are not visible to other users unless they are shared. The images may be stored on a third-party service temporarily, but they are deleted permanently after a certain period.

Users have ownership rights to the generated images and can use them as they wish as long as it complies with the platform's terms and conditions. The payment process for the tool is safe, using Stripe as their payment gateway, which ensures that users' payment information is secure and not stored on the platform's servers.

Users' photos are stored securely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3, which is a reliable and scalable cloud storage service. The tool prohibits the upload of images of minors or children as a violation of their terms and conditions and applicable laws.

They have a refund policy in place, but the user must request it before the image generation process has started. Overall, Picaii is a reliable and safe tool for generating digital likenesses through the use of AI technology.


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Pros and Cons


Generates realistic digital likenesses
Four image categories
Prompts for personalized creation
Privacy of uploaded images
Third-party image protection
Permanent image deletion
Ownership of generated images
Safe payment using Stripe
Images securely stored on AWS
Prohibition on minor's images
Refund policy before initiation
Auto termination of URL links
Compliance with GDPR
User images not visible
One credit per model
Different photo perspectives supported
Restriction on inappropriate content
Images stored for 30 days
Expiry of bought credits
Users account privacy rights
Platform's zero-tolerance for infringement
Rights to personal commercial use
Restricted image sharing
No storage of payment information
Third-party rights protection


Specific upload guidelines
Cannot upload minor images
Temporary third-party image storage
Auto deletes images after 30 days
Credits expire after 1 year
Doesn't store payment information
Requires pre-purchase for generation
No-refund policy after generation starts
Copyright responsibility on user


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What rights do I retain over the images created using Picaii?
How does Picaii ensure secure payments?
Where are my photos stored when using Picaii?
What is prohibited content in Picaii?
Can Picaii generate images of minors or children?
What happens if I violate the terms and conditions of Picaii?
What type of photos does Picaii recommend for the best results?
Does Picaii have a refund policy?
How are the generated images meant to be used?
What type of technology does Picaii use?
How does the Picaii interface work?
Are there any special requirements for the images I upload on Picaii?
Can I use the images generated by Picaii for commercial purposes?

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