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Turn your words into incredible and high quality artwork
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PicSo is a comprehensive text-to-image AI Art Generator tool that's designed for a wide range of creative digital art productions. Harnessing the power of AI, it transforms ideas into striking visual content, such as NFT art, oil paintings, and more.

Particularly notable is its 'Text to AI Art' feature, which enables users to generate AI artwork or AI portraits merely from textual inputs. This distinctive feature could be quite beneficial to users with little to no artistic skills.Furthermore, PicSo offers versatile functionalities like 'Create','AI Character', 'Edit', 'Edit Image', and 'Extend Image'.

Users can not only create original designs but also modify and enhance their existing images. The 'AI Character' function, in particular, might provide an intriguing avenue for creating unique, AI-generated characters.Accessibility is a key feature of PicSo as it allows users to create artwork anytime, anywhere using their mobile devices.

In addition, it supports data sharing from PC to mobile, offering seamless synchronization and flexibility between devices.An additional component to note is its community platform.

This fosters an interactive environment wherein users can share their work, gain inspiration, and connect with others. Users are also supported with a contact platform and terms of service for a clear understanding of the tool's usage guidelines.


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Pros and Cons


Generates various art styles
Free trial available
Supports NFT art creation
Offers text-to-art feature
Community Showcase available
Cross-platform accessibility
iOS and Android apps
Secure platform
User support available
Shares data across devices
Artwork can be created anytime
High-quality artwork generation


No collaboration features
Limited art styles
No API available
Desktop version may lack features
No mention of editing capabilities
Possible image quality inconsistency
Unclear data sharing method
No mention of offline use
Only focused on visual art


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Does PicSo support various art styles for image generation?
Is the PicSo platform available on iOS and Android?
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