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Realistic image generation using text description.
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PictoDream.com is an AI-based tool that allows users to generate realistic images of themselves or another person using a simple text description. The generated images can be used as avatars and profile pictures, printed on canvas, or given as gifts.

To use the tool, users must upload 10-20 photos of themselves or the person they are trying to generate an image of, which are then used to train the AI.

Once the training is complete, users can create any profile photo they desire, with the option of using the PictoDream.com prompt gallery for inspiration.

All uploaded photos are deleted from the server after one month to ensure user privacy.


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Nov 21, 2023
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Pros and Cons


Generates realistic images
Uses text descriptions
Can be used as avatars
Images can be printed
Great for gifts
Helps try new looks
Accepts 10-20 photos for training
Deletes photos after 1 month
Prompt gallery for inspiration
Notification when training is done
Can create any profile photo


Requires 10-20 photos
Training could take hours
Unpredictable image quality
Limited customization options
Requires manual photo upload
No API for integration
Photos stored for one month
Limited style and setting options


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How long does the AI training process take on PictoDream.com?
Can I use the PictoDream.com prompt gallery for inspiration?
Does PictoDream.com ensure user's privacy?
After how long are the uploaded photos deleted from PictoDream.com?
Can I use the generated image as my avatar or profile picture on PictoDream.com?
Can I print the generated images from PictoDream.com on canvas?
Can I gift the generated image from PictoDream.com?
Can PictoDream.com help me try new haircuts and outfits?
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