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Transform your photos with ease using Pincel.
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Pincel is an AI-powered web application that offers a range of image editing and manipulation tools. Giving users the ability to perfect their images with ease, it aids in supercharging productivity with a smooth operating workflow.

The tools range from straightforward functions such as object removal, background removal, to more sophisticated capabilities such as AI-powered clothes swapping, face swapping, and photo extension.

Furthermore, Pincel also offers solutions for more creative use-cases like AI portrait creation, AI photo editing, duplicating image colors or styles, QR code artwork creation, and virtual makeover.

The AI Architect enables users to visualize and plan interior or exterior designs while the Optical Illusion maker challenges perception to create captivating illusion photos.

The Pincel AI Chat tool introduces a new dimension of AI which allows a conversation with an AI that can understand images. In addition, Pincel is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless editing experience across different platforms.

Focused on delivering simplicity and accessibility, Pincel is best used as a quick way for marketers, designers, and business owners to create visuals.


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Mar 27, 2024
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Pros and Cons


Range of image tools
Smooth workflow
Object removal function
Background removal function
Face swapping capability
Photo extension
Color/Style duplication
QR code artwork creation
Virtual makeover feature
Interior/Exterior design visualization
Optical Illusion maker
Focus on simplicity
Background Remover
Photo Extender
Virtual Dressing Room
Generative Fill
Change Body Feature
Face Swapper
Pet Art Maker
Cartoon Effect
Optimized for mobile devices
Advanced photo cleaning
Image Retouching
Generative fill function
Creative photo manipulation
Object/Text removal
Interactive on all platforms
Supports ongoing development
Public roadmap
Excellent customer support


No offline functionality
Limited advanced tools
No native app
No customer support chatbot
Too many features may confuse
Potential privacy issues with photos
No animation capabilities
Relies heavily on internet connection


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