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AI Website Building for Businesses
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The AI website builder for businesses simplifies the website building process for busy business owners.

It features AI-powered tools that allow users to create a customized website with just one click. Users can also choose from various AI templates and integrate different products such as blog platforms, payment processing, and newsletter forms, among others. The builder also offers resources, including CMS integration and analytics tools, to help users grow their website.

Users can generate their website in under 5 minutes by adding business details with their target audience and choosing from over 10 million template variations or 7 template styles.

Customization is made easy through the simple editor which allows users to edit elements easily, drag and drop elements, or add new sections with just a few clicks. The AI assistant can help users produce a custom landing page that matches their business and target audience effortlessly, making the most out of their digital presence and growing their business. T

he builder also provides different website categories, including Personal Website, Digital Products, Creatives, Beauty Services, Freelancers, and SaaS, to cater to different users' needs. The website builder has no limitations in integrating all favorite apps right on the website, which allows users to fully customize their experience.

Overall, the AI website builder for businesses streamlines the website building process and provides the necessary resources for business owners to build and grow their website effortlessly.

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Jan 11, 2024
Nothing special to me. Below average looking websites builder but I have seen Web Agency asking money for works like this...
Dec 13, 2023
Isn't it intriguing how all three other reviews for this "website builder" share the exact same profile photo?
Jan 2, 2024
just noticed that too
Sep 17, 2023
The only AI website builder, where AI really builds your website and you can still customize it!
Sep 8, 2023
The fastest, fully working AI website builder! I managed to generate my website, and now blogging using AI and SEO is already giving me free traffic.
Jun 9, 2023
Pineapple Builder - is an easy AI Website Builder, that allows to quickly build your website even for non IT person, non marketing person. It is user friendly, AI do the most part instead of you and the team ready to support any time. Big , that you can try it for free.

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Pros and Cons


Simplifies website building
Customized website one click
Integrate different products
CMS integration
Analytics tools
Generate website under 5 minutes
Over 10 million template variations
7 template styles
Simple editor
Drag and drop elements
Custom landing page production
Website suitable for various categories
No limitations on app integration
No login, no credit card required
Easy process
Showcase and sell digital products
Online portfolio creation
Detailed service showcase
Easy client learning
Appointment booking feature
Blog post generation
3x faster blogging
CMS Integration (Beta)
SEO management
Page optimization for search engines
Social media platform optimized
Simple audience understanding analytics
SEO optimized blog
Ultra-fast loading
SEO and social media checks
Custom domains
Built-in analytics
Fast network and technology
Fully responsive website
SSL Certificate and HTTPS
24/7 support
Access to documentation, tutorials, video training, and online workshops


Limited template styles
Missing advanced customization
CMS integration in Beta
No explicit multi-language support
Potential cookie/GDPR issues
No clear eCommerce precisions
Limited SEO capabilities
No explicit mobile-app support
Long loading time claims
Inclusive capabilities not clarified


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Is Pineapple Builder a no-code platform?
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What website categories does Pineapper Builder cater to?
Does Pineapple Builder offer a trial version?
What resources does Pineapple Builder offer to grow my website?
How can Pineapple Builder help my business?
What technical support does Pineapple Builder provide?

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