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Pitch Patterns is an AI tool that enhances the sales performance of individuals and teams by analyzing sales calls. It automates the process of reviewing and extracting valuable insights from the recorded calls, allowing users to gain a deeper understanding of successful sales strategies.Using AI technology, Pitch Patterns identifies emotional and logical patterns in the calls, highlighting moments of higher trust and engagement between the salesperson and the client.

By analyzing the positive and likeable aspects of the conversation, users can identify what creates better connections with customers.Additionally, the tool can detect monologues of long speeches, enabling users to refine their pitches and deliver more concise and effective messages.Pitch Patterns offers a three-step method for leveraging its capabilities.

First, users can access call recordings and receive fast analysis, which identifies key moments and successful patterns in the market. Then, the tool allows for efficient coaching by focusing on the most important parts of conversations, eliminating the need for manual call analysis.

Finally, users can replicate winning pitch patterns across their team, building a library of proven techniques to improve sales performance.The tool also integrates with popular platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Genesys, offering seamless compatibility with existing workflows.Pitch Patterns helps sales professionals optimize their approach, learn from successful strategies, and improve their closing rates.

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Pros and Cons


Enhances sales performance
Automates calls analysis
Detects emotional, logical patterns
Highlights trust-engaging moments
Identifies positive conversation aspects
Detects long-speech monologues
Fast analysis of calls
Efficient sales coaching capability
Replicates winning pitch patterns
Builds library of techniques
Integrates with Zoom, Teams, Genesys
Improves sales closing rates
Tracks emotion mirroring
Offers three-step method
Eliminates manual call analysis


Lacks real-time analysis capability
No mention of data security
Doesn't detect negative speech patterns
May not discern context properly
Limited platform integrations
No mobile application mentioned
Absence of offline functionality
No language diversity mentioned
Doesn't allow personalized training
No individual usage, mainly team-focused


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