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Analysis and feedback for fundable pitch decks.
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PitchGrade is an AI-powered tool designed to help entrepreneurs create compelling pitch decks that will help them secure funding. PitchGrade provides on-demand feedback to help entrepreneurs refine their pitch deck, so that they can get the best outcome from their fundraising efforts.

The tool analyzes the pitch deck for key elements, such as the problem the company is solving, the solution it offers, the target market, the business model, and the team behind the idea.

PitchGrade also provides advice on structuring the pitch deck and the type of content that should be included to make it more attractive to potential investors.

It also includes examples of successful pitch decks, so entrepreneurs can learn from the best. PitchGrade is the perfect tool for entrepreneurs who need to create a fundable pitch deck that will attract investors and convince them to invest.


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Pros and Cons


On-demand feedback
Analyzes key elements
Advice on structuring pitch
Examples of successful pitches
Aids in fundraising efforts
Online and offline resources
In-depth blogs on pitching
Focus on fundable decks
Aid in grant applications
Emphasize on comprehensive slide content
Visual appeal in presentations
Helps structure fundraising narrative
Suitable for all business metrics
Comprehensive business idea communication
Designed for startups
Helps align brand/business values
Showcases data and examples
Reduces pitch preparation time
Instructions on slide content limits
Pitching mistake guidance
Developed by UC Berkeley alumni


Limited to English language
No offline functionality
No real-time feedback
No industry-specific advice
No advice for non-startups
No collaborative editing
Doesn't analyze data visuals
No voice-over option
No live presentation practice feature
No project-sharing capability


What is PitchGrade?
Does PitchGrade help in creating pitch decks?
What key elements does PitchGrade analyze in a pitch deck?
Can PitchGrade provide advice on structuring my pitch deck?
Does PitchGrade provide examples of successful pitch decks?
How does PitchGrade help in attracting potential investors?
Who can benefit from using PitchGrade?
How does PitchGrade make my fundraising efforts easier?
What type of feedback does PitchGrade provide?
What makes PitchGrade unique amongst similar AI-powered tools?
Will PitchGrade help me identify the weak points in my pitch deck?
Does PitchGrade work with any business model or is it specialized?
How instant is the feedback provided by PitchGrade on my pitch deck?
Is there a limit to the number of times I can use PitchGrade for a single pitch deck?
How does PitchGrade use artificial intelligence in its processes?
How can PitchGrade increase the fundability of my pitch deck?
Can PitchGrade help me improve my team presentation in the pitch deck?
Does PitchGrade offer any recommendations on the type of content needed to enhance my pitch deck?
Is there a free trial version of PitchGrade?
Can PitchGrade help me understand the interests and preferences of potential investors?

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