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Unleash your artistic vision with PixCanva.
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PixCanva is an AI-powered platform designed to help enhance digital artwork and simplify related workflows. The platform features several key capabilities, including Face Swap, where with the use of AI, the system can substitute one face with another in a photograph, ensuring a fine blend with the body.

Another notable function it serves is the transformation of painting portraits into realistic images, adding a unique touch of realism to crafted artwork.

PixCanva also facilitates background removal from photos - a useful feature in many graphic design tasks. This AI tool aims to streamline and automate numerous tasks involved in digital image manipulation, potentially saving creators time and effort.

It focuses on providing a solution that is easy to use, requiring no credit card for sign-up. Created by Mihir Kanzariya, the platform offers a community on Discord for users to engage and share their experiences.

It's important to note that PixCanva capabilities may extend beyond the stated, making it a versatile tool for a variety of digital art tasks.


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May 14, 2024
The site is frozen and there is no way to register
Feb 6, 2024
App worked well for face swap, but didn't make it with QR codes. One qr didn't work as qr, another try just didn't even process, it was stuck forever.

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Pros and Cons


Face Swap feature
Transforms portraits into reality
Background removal capability
Streamlines digital artwork tasks
Automates image manipulation
Easy to use interface
No credit card requirement
Community engagement on Discord
Free sign-up
Versatile for various art tasks
Time and effort saving
Supports artistic vision enhancement
Capable of image upscale
Created by known developer
Featured on Product Hunt
No advanced software knowledge needed
Good for professional graphic design


No MacOS compatibility
Limited editing options
No batch processing
Limited extendability
No professional-grade tools
No offline functionality
No plug-in integration
Requires internet connection
No version control


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How can PixCanva help streamline my digital art tasks?
Is PixCanva a user-friendly platform?
Can I engage with other PixCanva users?
Is there a community for PixCanva users?
Does PixCanva just focus on face swap, background removal, and transforming painting portraits or does it have other features?
How can I save time and effort with PixCanva?
Can PixCanva manipulate digital images?
Are there any limitations to PixCanva's capabilities?
Is PixCanva a beneficial tool for graphic design tasks?
Who can utilize PixCanva?
Can PixCanva handle my high-resolution images?
What user information does PixCanva require for sign-up?
What is PixCanva's image upscale?
Can I share my PixCanva uses and experiences with other users?

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