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Generate images in Photoshop with machine learning.
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PixelPet is a cloud-based AI tool that generates images within your Photoshop workflow. This tool is designed to be hassle-free, with no prior knowledge of AI required for use.

The user can simply install the plugin, sign up, and start generating high-quality images quickly and accurately, with 20+ image generation models available.

PixelPet aims to unlock creativity and provides a new level of efficiency and effectiveness for designers, marketers, artists, and anyone else looking to bring their ideas to life.

Moreover, PixelPet offers powerful features, such as inpainting, with control net and upscaling coming soon. This AI tool provides fair pricing for generating images, charging the user only for what they use, with a default image costing approximately 0.2 credits ($0.002), depending on the set parameters.

Additionally, PixelPet provides a free trial, starting with free credits, with no credit card required.Overall, PixelPet provides a convenient and accessible solution for generating a large quantity of images with minimal effort.

With its integrated cloud-based AI, anyone can easily experiment with new styles and ideas, visualize new products, and streamline their creative process, by seamlessly incorporating the tool within their Photoshop workflow.


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Aug 1, 2023
PixelPet just released their integration with the LINE mobile app, and I'm blown away! It's fast, high-quality, and so easy to use. A must-have for art enthusiasts and digital creators!

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Pros and Cons


Photoshop integration
Cloud-based tool
Efficient image generation
20+ image generation models
Feature-rich with inpainting
Pay per usage model
Free trial without card
Upcoming upscale feature
Ideal for designers, artists
Hassle-free installation
Quick image production
Promotes creative freedom
Minimal computer requirements


Photoshop required
Cloud-based (internet required)
No upscaling yet
Limited to 20+ models
Pay-per-image model
No offline use
Potential for high costs
Free trial limited
No control net feature
No support for other software


What is PixelPet?
How does PixelPet integrate with my Photoshop workflow?
Do I need prior knowledge of AI to use PixelPet?
What are the requirements to run PixelPet on my computer?
What are the different image generation models available with PixelPet?
What are the unique features offered by PixelPet?
What is the cost of generating images with PixelPet?
How is PixelPet's pricing determined?
Do I have to pay upfront to use PixelPet?
How easy is it to install PixelPet onto my system?
What is the inpainting feature of PixelPet?
What is the upscaling feature mentioned in PixelPet's details?
How can PixelPet streamline my creative process?
How does PixelPet's free trial work?
Does PixelPet require my credit card details for the free trial?
Can I test PixelPet before purchasing?
What kind of images can I generate with PixelPet?
How does PixelPet use AI for image generation?
Is PixelPet a cloud-based tool?
How can PixelPet unlock my creative freedom?

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