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Stop creating yet another screen. PixieBrix is the first low-code platform to add automation, integrations, collaboration, and AI to the web apps your teams already use.

PixieBrix is a low-code extension builder designed to enhance productivity by customizing and automating existing web tools. The tool offers a variety of customization options that cater to a wide range of team and web app needs. Its extensibility and iterative innovation options allow for easy integration with the web apps already in use. Also, it is scalable for teams to build and roll out new functionality, making it easy for larger teams to adopt. With PixieBrix's engaged community and frequent releases, personalized web application possibilities become limitless. PixieBrix's AI and automation capabilities streamline workflows and improve productivity, making it an ideal option for entrepreneurs and large organizations looking to optimize team efficiency. PixieBrix offers customer success solutions for faster and more accurate results in terms of candidate evaluation, easy onboarding, and improved employee experience. It also offers cost reduction, streamlined workflows, and improved efficiency for sales and marketing. PixieBrix's marketplace enables users to build, customize, and automate quickly with ready-made starting points, which are created by its partner and developer community. The marketplace also contains examples such as creating a new lead in Salesforce, connecting to Slack, and adding a row of data to Google Sheets. PixieBrix is trusted by productivity enthusiasts all over the world and has garnered positive feedback from its users, including digital transformation heads and marketing managers, making it the perfect tool for productivity enthusiasts.
PixieBrix was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Advanced website customization
Low-code extension builder
Wide range of customization
Scalability for teams
Engaged community
Frequent releases
Personalized web application possibilities
Automation capabilities
Productivity enhancement
Customer success solutions
Cost reduction
Streamlined workflows
Improved efficiency for sales and marketing
Marketplace for ready-made starting points
Easy integration with web apps
Quick build and customization
Positive user feedback
Trusted by Productivity enthusiasts
Extensibility and iterative innovation
Easy adoption for larger teams
Faster candidate evaluation
Easy onboarding
Improved employee experience
Automation with ready-made starting points
Salesforce, Slack, Google Sheets integration
Versatile and configurable
Deployable on any site
Streamlined workflows
Reduction of implementation time


Limited to Chrome extension
Potential privacy issues
Reliant on web-app integration
Limited marketplace selections
Community-driven improvements variability
Customization requires tech knowledge
Longer setup for non-tech users
Scalability concerns for larger firms


What is PixieBrix?
How does PixieBrix work?
How can PixieBrix improve productivity?
Who can use PixieBrix?
What customization options does PixieBrix offer?
How can PixieBrix enhance team productivity?
Is PixieBrix scalable for larger teams?
What is PixieBrix's marketplace?
Can PixieBrix integrate with apps like Salesforce, Slack, and Google Sheets?
What are the reviews about PixieBrix from users?
What types of resources and support does PixieBrix provide?
How does PixieBrix streamline workflows?
Can PixieBrix be used for sales and marketing?
Can PixieBrix be used for human resources?
Is PixieBrix offering any certification or learning resources?
Can PixieBrix be used for customer success solutions?
What is the price of PixieBrix?
Does PixieBrix offer enterprise solutions?
Can PixieBrix automate tasks?
How do I install PixieBrix extension on Chrome?

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