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Online profile avatar creator.
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Pixificial is an AI tool that enables users to create AI avatars and profiles for free. By uploading a photo, users can choose their own style and become anyone they want, such as Elon Musk, Michael Jackson, or Clint Eastwood.

The tool provides trending and latest images for users to choose from, and also features an ‘Load More’ button for more options. Pixificial is provided by SIMULAI and is subject to their Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

It can be accessed through the website, and also via the company’s Twitter page.


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pixificial was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 29th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Free avatar creation
Personal style options
Trending image options
Latest image options
Upload photo flexibility
Variety of avatar outcomes
Load More button
Accessible via Twitter
Direct website access
Terms and Conditions provided
Privacy Policy provided
Contact email accessibility
Outcome visual preview


No mobile application
Limited style options
Can't save avatar drafts
No automatic facial detection
Requires high-quality images
No API for integration
Limited trending and latest images
No preview functionality
Potential copyright issues
Lack of user support


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Where can I access Pixificial?
Is Pixificial also available on Twitter?
What is the 'Load More' feature on Pixificial?
Who provides Pixificial?
What is SIMULAI?
Does Pixificial update with trending and latest images?
How do I create a profile on Pixificial?
Can I sign in to Pixificial?
What type of styles can I choose on Pixificial?
What can I do if Pixificial doesn't display any images?
How is Pixificial copyright handled?
Do I need to conform to a specific photo format for Pixificial?
Where can I get support for Pixificial?

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