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Editing and designing images through a browser.
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Pixlr is an AI-powered photo editor, animation and design tool that offers users a range of features. With Pixlr, users can edit photos and create stunning designs in their browser, on their phone or desktop for free.

Pixlr also provides a suite of free tools for AI image generation, background removal, object removal, collage making, cropping and template library access.

For those looking to create high-quality visual assets with just one click, they can try the one-click visual creator Photomash Studio. Pixlr also offers a range of animation capabilities, such as adding professional-looking animation presets or getting into the gritty timeline details.

Finally, Pixlr also provides users with access to thousands of free and professionally crafted templates, such as YouTube banners, Instagram stories, resumes, brochures, business cards, presentations and more.


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Pros and Cons


Free photo editing
Designing capabilities
Browser-based tool
Mobile and desktop compatibility
Background removal feature
Object removal feature
Collage making feature
Cropping tool
Template library access
One-click visual creator
Animation capabilities
Timeline manipulation
Access to professional templates
Range of image formats supported
Photomash Studio for visual assets
Batch Editor for mass editing
Comprehensive suite of tools
Removal of photo backgrounds
Pre-made collage templates
Variety of photo filters
Subscription-free premium access
Integrated educational resources
Desktop & mobile app availability
Customer support access
Filters and effects
Online design tool
RemoveBG tool for background erase
Access to professionally crafted templates
Open image format support like PSD, PNG, SVG
Multiple language support
Ability to animate any design
Variety of creative photo filters
Provision for a premium free trial
Designed for user friendliness
Advertising possibilities for businesses
Platform for engaging with community (Discord)


No offline capabilities
Limited animation customization
No video editing features
Confusing UI for beginners
Limited template customization
Limited Free Features
Network dependent
Overwhelming for casual users
Online safety concerns
Lacks professional photo editing


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How does Pixlr's background removal feature work?
Does Pixlr offer any design tools?
What can I do with Pixlr's collage maker feature?
Can I use Pixlr on both desktop and mobile?
How can I start using Pixlr?
Does Pixlr offer video tutorials?
Can I create YouTube banners with Pixlr?
What sort of templates does Pixlr provide?
What benefits do I get with Pixlr premium?
What type of visual assets can I create using Pixlr?
Does Pixlr have object removal capabilities?
How can I contact Pixlr for support?

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