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Chat with multiple PDFs and solve math problems with Pizi AI.
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Pizi AI is an advanced tool designed to digitize, analyze, and simplify complex documents. With a focus on multilingual support, Pizi can work with numerous file formats in over 100 languages.

The fundamental feature of this tool is its ability to understand and summarize long documents, make translations, and solve mathematical problems. Pizi AI delivers nuanced document analysis by processing intricate structures and minimizes AI 'hallucinations' to ensure coherent and factual information extraction.

Alongside, its OCR technology helps unlock text from scanned PDFs and images, making this tool ideal for working with diverse file sources. Pizi AI is also equipped with a unique formula recognition feature which interprets mathematical formulas, thereby simplifying the process of mathematical analysis.

Additionally, Pizi provides a high level of privacy by offering users the option to delete their encrypted files at any time. This tool can be beneficial for various fields, including legal practice and education.

Lawyers could leverage Pizi AI for efficient document review, case analysis, and legal research, while teachers and students could use it for preparing lessons and solving complex mathematical problems respectively.


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Pros and Cons


Multilingual support
Supports 100+ languages
Processes multiple file formats
Summarizes long documents
Translation capabilities
Math problem solving
Formula recognition
Document digitization
OCR technology
Enhanced information extraction
High level privacy
Deletion of encrypted files
Beneficial for legal field
Beneficial for education sector
Unlocks text from scans
Lightning-fast performance
Works with diverse sources
Can be used for legal research
Supports chat interactions
Handles complex documents
Processes intricate structures
Useful for lesson preparation
Simplifies complex legal documents
Helps in studying
Ideal for document review
Simplifies mathematical analysis
Supports multiple PDFs
Ideal for case analysis
Algorithms ensure factual information
Works on encrypted files
Supports mobile application
Handles mathematical formulas
Streamlines lesson planning
Unparalleled language support
Supports various file formats including images
Revolutionizes mathematical analysis
Ideal for digitizing documents
Ideal for homework
Enhances document analysis
Boosts productivity in teaching
Processes large language models
Ideal for PDF extraction
Maximizes study efficiency
Optimized for legal practice
Streamlines class preparation


No offline functionality
May not handle complex mathematical formulas
Limited to document-based applications
Translation accuracy for all languages unclear
Limited file format compatibility advertised
No desktop application
No details about API/Integration
Potential encryption weakness
No free pricing tier


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