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Transcribe, Translate & Summarize your files
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PlainScribe is a tool designed to transcribe, translate and summarize digital media files. It enables users to upload their audio and video files and effortlessly generate transcripts in text format.

The system is capable of handling large file sizes, doing away with user concerns regarding restrictions. The transcribed text is not only easily searchable but also downloadable, allowing users to access and use the content as needed.

As part of its service, PlainScribe also offers translation support for over 50 languages, facilitating better reach and communication for users dealing with multiple languages.

An additional feature includes the generation of summarized insights from transcripts, providing the essence of the text in a concise format. A noteworthy feature is the tool's commitment to privacy and security.

With automatic data deletion after 7 days, PlainScribe ensures that client information remains confidential and secure. Furthermore, the service operates on a flexible Pay-As-You-Go model, allowing users to pay based on their usage.

With these capabilities, PlainScribe efficiently leverages technology to convert audio and video content into actionable insights. Lastly, PlainScribe extends support for transcript downloads in CSV format or as subtitles in SRT/VTT formats, providing a wider range of use possibilities for the transcriptions.


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Plainscribe was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Transcribes audio and video
Transcription downloadability
Summarizes insights from transcripts
Over 50 languages support
Large file processing
Automatic data deletion
Pay-as-you-go service
CSV and subtitles export
Multiple transcript formats
Flexible usage payments
Privacy and security emphasis
Supports transcription searchability
Handles large file sizes
Translation to English
Data usage transparency
Generates subtitles in SRT/VTT
Transcription of large files
Effortless transcription process
Enables language barrier breakdown
Variety of use possibilities


No free usage tier
Only transcribes to English
Doesn't support batch processing
Only supports files up to 100MB
No real-time transcription
Data deletion after 7 days
No API mentioned for developers
No dedicated customer service
Limited summarization features
Absence of an offline mode


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