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Plais is an AI tool that enhances and transforms ordinary photos of interiors into extraordinary interior designs. It uses AI technology to generate stunning interior ideas and visualize the potential of new spaces.

Plais offers a simple three-step process: upload a photo, style it, and process it. The core benefits of using Plais include its ability to save time and money.

It provides property agents with the opportunity to showcase the potential of new spaces to clients. Interior designers can create rapid iterations for clients, saving both time and effort.

Airbnb and rental owners can generate amazing interior design ideas for their properties, attracting more guests. The tool offers a range of styles to choose from, including General, Art Deco, Baroque, Bohemian, Contemporary, Industrial, Maximalist, Mid-Century, Modern, Modern Farmhouse, Nordic, Rustic, Scandinavian, and Victorian.

It allows users to select the room type and customize colors, image resolution, and the number of outputs. Besides its user-friendly features, Plais also offers a Pro Plan, which includes unlimited uploads, 10+ premium styles, high-quality renders, and the ability to boost client engagement.

The Pro Plan is available on a monthly or annual basis. Overall, Plais is an AI tool that empowers users to generate incredible interior designs and staged interiors with ease.

It saves time, money, and effort, making it a valuable tool for property professionals, interior designers, and rental owners.


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Pros and Cons


Quick interior idea generation
Variety of styles available
Style customization option
Room type selection feature
Color customization available
Option to select resolution
Customizable number of outputs
Pro Plan for unlimited uploads
Premium styles in Pro Plan
High-quality renders in Pro Plan
Boost client engagement
Multiple use cases
Great for property agents
Suitable for interior designers
Useful for Airbnb owners
Saves time and effort
Reduces design costs
Offers staged interiors
Transforms ordinary photos
Monthly/annual Pro Plan available
Generates design in under a minute


Limited style options
No furniture customization
No 3D view offer
Limited room types
No free trial offered
No mobile application
High subscription cost
Limited image file formats
No bulk-upload option
Little customization available


What is Plais?
How does Plais work?
What are the core benefits of using Plais?
What specific groups of people or professions can benefit from using Plais?
What design styles does Plais offer?
Can I choose the type of room when using Plais?
Can I customize the colors and image resolution with Plais?
What is the Pro Plan of Plais?
What does the Pro Plan of Plais include?
What are the terms of the Pro Plan subscription?
How can Plais help property agents?
How can Plais help interior designers?
How can Plais help Airbnb and rental owners?
What is the three-step process of using Plais?
How can Plais boost client engagement?
Does Plais optimize designs based on the type of room?
Can I upload multiple pictures with Plais?
Can I select the number of design outputs with Plais?
How can Plais save me time and money?
What type of images can I upload to Plais?

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