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Personalized trip planning with advanced technology.
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Plantrips is an AI travel planner that offers a hassle-free experience for trip planning. With this tool, users can discover new destinations, find the best deals, and easily create their dream travel itineraries.

The aim is to save users time and effort, providing them with customized travel plans in just minutes.Users can input their preferences and requirements to generate a tailored itinerary.

For example, they can specify the duration of their trip, the number of people, and their budget. The tool can generate itineraries for various destinations, such as Paris, Rome, Sydney, Berlin, Toronto, and Moscow, catering to different travel interests and needs.Plantrips has also gained recognition and positive reviews from its users.

It has been praised for providing helpful recommendations, including money-saving tips for transportation, accommodations, and food highlights. The tool goes beyond simply providing itineraries by offering links to great deals, enhancing the user's travel experience.This AI-powered travel planner is available in multiple languages, including English and Tiếng Việt.

It is a free tool that aims to make travel planning easy and enjoyable for travel enthusiasts. Created with passion by the founders, Plantrips offers personalized itineraries and surprise deals, simplifying the process of trip planning.

Support for the tool is available via email at [email protected], Plantrips empowers users to create their perfect travel experience by leveraging AI technology, tapping into the knowledge and recommendations of experienced travelers.


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Nov 9, 2023
Unfortunately it gave me an unrealistic suggestion in Australia to travel from Sydney to Byron Bay in 2 hours when google maps suggests is 7 hr 54 min

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Pros and Cons


Generates personalized itineraries
Time-saving tool
Money-saving travel recommendations
Links to great deals
Supports multiple languages
Free tool
Positive user reviews
Email support
Enables detailed preferences
Supports various destinations
User-friendly interface
Rapid itinerary creation
Community itinerary feature
Feature coverage on popular platforms
Multiple-use cases showcased
Tool created with passion
Travel insights from experts
Easily repeatable travel plans
Supports single and group travel
Detailed budget allocation
Customizable travel duration
Supports city and country destinations
Copy itinerary feature
Option to plan surprise trips
Themes/moods for trips supported


No mobile app available
Limited city options
Limited language support
No user feedback mechanism
No real-time support
Difficulty in itinerary modification
No collaborative planning feature
Unclear policy on data security
No integration with travel platforms
Unclear terms of service


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Can I get personalized itineraries and surprise deals from Plantrips?
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