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Generates natural-sounding speech audio online.

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Play.ht is a powerful AI voice generator and realistic Text to Speech (TTS) online tool. It allows users to generate natural-sounding speech audio in 142 languages and accents, with 907 AI voices.

The platform provides an online Text to Speech editor, with multiple features to enhance the audio. It is possible to apply expressive emotional speaking styles, use different voices for sentences in the same audio file, fine-tune rate, pitch, emphasis and pauses, and define custom pronunciations.

It also offers free audio previews and MP3 & WAV export, as well as commercial use. Play.ht is trusted by 7000+ users and teams of all sizes, and integrates with WordPress, Text to Speech API, IVR systems, audio articles, and videos.

It is rated EXCELLENT on Trustpilot and features team access, audio widgets, and AI podcasts.

Play.ht was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 19th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Generates natural-sounding speech
Available in 142 languages
Features text to speech editor
Apply expressive emotional speaking styles
Different voices in one audio file
Define custom pronunciations
Free audio previews
MP3 & WAV exports
Permitted for commercial use
High user trust rating
Integrates with WordPress
Text to Speech API integration
IVR systems integration
Audio widgets
Advanced voice fine-tuning
Online tool
Audio for language learning
Highly versatile for usage
Ultra realistic voices
Full SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) support
Option for custom voice cloning
Team access for collaboration
Audio articles integration
Excellent customer reviews
Embeddable audio player widgets
Generate podcasts from text
Customizable speech styles
Supports multiple accents
Storage for synthesized audio files
Export in MP3 & WAV formats
ADA compliance
Frequent updates and improvements
Previews without using word credits
Broadcast rights for generated files
SEO-friendly audio widgets
User friendly interface
Audio storage in the cloud
Integrated with e-learning platforms
Supports different sample rates
Text to audio conversion drafts
High quality audio files
Collaborative editing for teams
Publishable on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud


No offline availability
Overwhelming options for beginners
Limited integrations
No mobile app
Expensive for small projects
No downloadable user manual
Potential privacy issues with voice cloning
Excessive feature set can confuse users
Limits on free previews
Lacks customer support channels


What is Play.ht?
How does Play.ht generate natural-sounding speech audio?
Which languages and accents are supported by Play.ht?
What features does the Play.ht Text to Speech editor offer?
Can Play.ht apply different voices for sentences within the same audio file?
How can users fine-tune rate, pitch, and emphasis on Play.ht?
Does Play.ht allow users to define custom pronunciations?
Can users freely preview the audio on Play.ht before exporting?
Which audio formats does Play.ht support?
How is Play.ht integrated with WordPress and other platforms?
Can Play.ht be used for commercial purposes?
Why is Play.ht rated as excellent on Trustpilot?
What does team access feature on Play.ht entail?
How does Play.ht's audio widget feature function?
How can users use Play.ht for generating AI podcasts?
What are the new Ultrarealistic voices on Play.ht?
How can playback speed be adjusted on Play.ht?
Does Play.ht offer any text-to-speech API solutions?
Can Play.ht be utilized for e-learning or video voice overs?
Is it possible to set voice inflections in Play.ht?

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