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Generated personalized presentations for business QBRs.
Generated by ChatGPT

The Quarterly Business Review Presentation tool by Plus AI creates customized QBR decks for businesses to review with their clients. By providing a description of their business and the work they are doing for their client, the tool utilizes the latest artificial intelligence technologies to create an easy-to-digest QBR presentation.

Once completed, a link to the slides is sent to the user to customize and share with coworkers and clients. This tool can be used for any presentation needed, including pitch decks, client overviews, weekly meetings, and book reports.

Additionally, Plus AI offers other presentation-related tools, such as AI for Presentations, which allows users to focus on teaching rather than slides; Webinar Presentation, which creates online courses, training materials, and other educational content; and Personal Business Analyst, which uses AI to develop the first draft of a business's next strategy or research presentation.

Moreover, Plus AI offers a Chrome extension, called Snapshots, that allows for always-up-to-date screenshots of any website without complicated integrations.

The tool provides self-updating images of any app or website that can be embedded anywhere and used within tools like Notion, Slack, Coda, and Confluence.

Therefore, Plus AI's tools can save a significant amount of time and effort for businesses. Finally, the website also provides other resources, such as integrations, company information, dashboards, privacy policies, terms of service, and contact options.


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Pros and Cons


Generates personalized QBR presentations
Link to customizable slides provided
Universal for any presentation
Webinar and training deck creation
Assists in strategy and research reports
Chrome extension
Screenshots without complicated integrations
Self-updating screenshots
Embed screenshots in various tools
Time and effort saving
Resourceful website
Easy-to-use interface
Capture snapshots feature
Embed snapshots anywhere
Snapshot always reflect latest data
Record of every version of a Snapshot
Easily build dashboards
Automated reporting
Useful for any business size
Used by large product teams


No offline functionality
Limited presentation themes
No mobile app
No language translation
No collaborative features
No real-time editing
Limited integrations
Doesn't support all browsers
Slow processing time
No free version


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