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Customizable spoken articles from text.
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Podbrews is an AI-powered platform that converts written documents into podcast-style audio files, providing users with a personalized listening experience.

The process of using Podbrews involves uploading a document in PDF format and selecting a style that matches the desired listening experience. The platform then employs advanced AI algorithms to generate an audio script tailored to the selected style and uses lifelike voiceovers to bring the script to life.

Users can save the personalized audio file for future listening. Podbrews offers a range of features designed to elevate content consumption, including seamless integration, personalized templates, collaboration and sharing, easy navigation, and accessibility and inclusivity.

The platform offers a free trial period of 7 days and has two pricing plans: Premium and Business. The Premium plan offers unlimited conversions, exclusive voice options, advanced podcast-style templates, and priority support.

The Business plan includes all of the standard features, collaboration tools, custom branding, and multi-user access. Podbrews has received positive feedback from users who appreciate its AI-generated voices and podcast-style templates, which have made it easier and more enjoyable to consume content.

The platform can be a useful tool for people who prefer listening to content rather than reading, those who are visually impaired, or those looking for a new way to engage with written materials.


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Podbrews was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Document-to-podcast conversion
Personalized listening experience
Takes PDF format
Generates tailored scripts
Uses lifelike voiceovers
Saves files for later
Seamless integration
Provides personalized templates
Facilitates collaboration and sharing
Ensures easy navigation
Accessibility and inclusivity features
Free 7-day trial
Two pricing plans
Unlimited conversions with Premium
Exclusive voice options
Advanced podcast-style templates
Priority support available
Business plan collaborations
Custom branding options
Multi-user access
Positive user feedback


Supports only PDF format
Just 7-day free trial
No multi-language support
Limited voiceover options
Requires internet connection
Limited style options
No offline access
Not Open Source
No mobile app
No text-to-text transcription


What is Podbrews?
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How do I use Podbrews?
Can I customize the style of the audio generated by Podbrews?
What types of voiceover options does Podbrews offer?
How does collaboration and sharing work on Podbrews?
Does Podbrews have accessibility features?
Can I use Podbrews if I am visually impaired?
What are the different pricing plans for Podbrews?
What features are included in Podbrews' Premium and Business plans?
Can I try Podbrews for free before purchasing a plan?
What is the duration of the free trial for Podbrews?
How has Podbrews been received by users?
Can Podbrews be used for business purposes?
What are 'podcast-style templates'?
Does Podbrews offer multiple user access for teams?
Can I save the audio files for future listening?
Can I add custom branding to my Podbrews audio files?
What does 'seamless integration' mean in the context of Podbrews?


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