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Podnotes automates podcast asset creation.
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Podnotes is an AI-powered tool designed to assist podcasters in generating various post-production assets and content quickly and efficiently. With just a few clicks, users can generate transcripts, summaries, show notes, timestamps, social media content, and audiograms for their audio and video podcasts.The tool provides the ability to generate transcripts for podcasts and edit them if needed.

It also offers speaker-segregated timestamps, allowing users to easily navigate and reference specific sections of their podcasts. Additionally, users can upload audio and video files up to 50 Mb each and customize the language, style, and length of their outputs.Podnotes goes beyond transcriptions and timestamps by offering options to create engaging content.

Users can generate social media posts, key topics, insights, and even use custom prompts to generate high-quality content directly from their podcasts.

The content generation feature supports multiple languages seamlessly.An AI assistant called Magic Chat is also included, allowing users to perform contextual searches and ask questions about their podcasts.

Users can chat with their individual podcasts, enabling easy referencing and information retrieval.Podnotes offers different pricing plans to cater to varying podcasting needs.

The plans include features such as different amounts of transcription minutes, timestamps, show notes, unlimited content generation, and access to the Magic Chat feature.In summary, Podnotes is an AI tool that streamlines the podcast post-production process by enabling quick and accurate generation of transcripts, summaries, show notes, timestamps, social media content, and audiograms.

It also includes a powerful AI assistant for easy searching and referencing of podcast content.


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Podnotes was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 3rd 2023.
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