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Podcast creation for organizations.
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PodPilot is an AI tool that allows organizations to easily create their own podcast series. By leveraging AI technology, PodPilot enables users to produce high-quality podcasts without the need for extensive time and effort.

The tool uses the organization's website as a starting point to generate podcasts with just one click.To create a podcast series, users simply need to input their website URL and describe the topics they want the AI to investigate.

PodPilot then employs its AI capabilities to search the web for relevant information about the organization and its industry. This information is utilized to create a unique and tailored podcast series.Once the podcasts are generated, users can conveniently publish them with a single click on popular platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

PodPilot offers users a seamless publishing experience.Although specific numbers and pricing are not mentioned in the text, there are different plans available to cater to varying podcasting needs.

These plans include features such as the number of podcasts per month, episode duration, and the ability to remove the PodPilot audio watermark.PodPilot showcases samples of podcasts it has created for companies like BetterUp, Tempo, and Curi.

These podcasts demonstrate the AI tool's ability to produce engaging content.Overall, PodPilot enables organizations to effortlessly create their own high-quality podcast series by leveraging AI, saving time and resources in the process.


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Pros and Cons


Easy podcast creation
Leverages website content
Automatic content research
Unique tailored podcasts
One-click publishing
Publishes on multiple platforms
Different plans available
Removable audio watermark
Produces engaging content
Requires minimal user input
Saves time and resources
Turns website into podcast
Supports varying podcasting needs
Uses web for data
Easy access to podcasting
Organization-specific content
Flexible episode durations
Seamless publishing experience
Generates content automatically
Content generated from URL
Effortless podcast production
Produces multiple podcasts monthly
One-click publish to Spotify
One-click publish to Apple Podcasts
One-click publish to Google Podcasts
Benchmarks with sample podcasts
Creates industry-specific podcast series
Options to remove watermarks
Quality podcast in minutes
Podcast creation with URL
Manual topic selection


Podcasts tied to website topics
Single click per podcast only
Expensive subscriptions
Additional cost for watermark removal
Podcast length limited by plan
Limited number of podcasts per month
Limited information availability risks
Explicit website URL requirement
Manual input of topics needed
No free plan available


What is PodPilot?
How does PodPilot use AI technology?
What do I need to start using PodPilot?
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On which platforms can I publish the generated podcasts?
What different plans does PodPilot offer?
Which companies have used PodPilot?
How can I remove the Podpilot audio watermark?
Can I listen to samples of podcasts created by PodPilot?
How does the PodPilot work with my website's URL?
What happens once I've entered my website's URL in PodPilot?
How many podcasts per month can I produce with each plan?
How long can an episode be in each plan?
Where can I reach out if I need support using PodPilot?
Do I have to manually publish podcasts on platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts?
Is it possible to customize the topics that the AI investigates for the podcast?
How can I get early access to PodPilot?
How does PodPilot ensure the podcast generated is related to my organization?
How much does the professional plan of PodPilot cost?
What are the benefits of using PodPilot for my organization?

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