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PodStash is a chrome extension that allows users to convert any web link into a podcast episode. With multi-language support, users can access podcasts in various languages.

The tool aims to enhance productivity by enabling users to turn any link into a short podcast, thereby making content consumption more efficient.The extension offers a range of sources, including scientific journals, Wikipedia pages, blog posts, and Substack articles.

It synthesizes scientific journals and new discoveries as soon as they are discovered, transforming them into easily consumable podcast episodes. Detailed Wikipedia pages can be transformed into intriguing non-fiction podcast episodes.

Additionally, blog posts can be experienced as professionally recorded audiobook chapters. The tool also facilitates following independent publishers by turning Substack articles into soundtracks.Powered by AI, PodStash enables users to choose any article or blog post that they can access on the web.

GPT-4, an advanced AI technology, generates a podcast script based on Specialized LLM Prompts. This script is then transformed into a lifelike voiceover, creating a podcast episode that lasts approximately five minutes.PodStash works seamlessly with various podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Overcast.fm, and Castro.fm.

Moreover, it supports any platform that can accommodate a custom RSS URL, ensuring accessibility regardless of the user's preferred podcast app.For updates and additional information, users can follow PodStash on Twitter.


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Sep 14, 2023
This is a super cool app! Turn any website article, blog post or YouTube video into a 3 to 5 minute audio review of the article. It works soooo well. Very few AI generated quirks, and it's truly difficult to tell that the narrators are not human. I have three customers who have already signed up and integrated into their websites. One is a technical watertech site, and the other for addiction recovery, and the reviews are surprisingly accurate and useful. What a great idea, can't wait to watch it evolve!
Aug 19, 2023
Biased, but but favorite use case is turning Wikipedia articles into short audio-book like podcasts! So many important people have lived in the world but it's so difficult to keep up with them all!
Aug 18, 2023
Love if, genius idea
Aug 18, 2023
I love it!!! Now I can finally catch up on all those articles I've saved for later. Podstash is very easy to use. Once it is set up, you simply press the Stash button and soon later the podcast will show up in Apple podcasts once you're ready to listen to it.

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Pros and Cons


Multi-language support
Chrome extension format
Converts web links to podcasts
Works with variety of sources
Turns scientific journals into podcasts
Transforms Wikipedia pages into podcasts
Converts blog posts into audiobooks
Substack articles into soundtracks
Creates short, 5-minute episodes
Compatible with multiple podcast platforms
Supports custom RSS URLs
Social media presence for updates


Chrome extension only
Limited to five-minute episodes
Relies on RSS feeds
No in-app editing tools
Cannot customize voiceover
Only converts written content
No scheduling feature
Doesn't list supported languages
Requires website access
No mobile application


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Does PodStash require any additional equipment or software?
Can PodStash convert Substack articles into podcasts?
How can I get updates about PodStash?
What determines the subject matter of the podcasts created on PodStash?
Can I use PodStash with other chrome extensions?
How natural is the voiceover generated by PodStash?
Can I customize the RSS URL of my PodStash podcasts?
What is the cost of PodStash's beta version?
How to install PodStash?
Is PodStash only available as a chrome extension?
Does PodStash support non-english languages?
What is a 'stash' in PodStash's context?

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