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Customized feedback to improve meeting communication.
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Poised is a free AI-powered communication coach that provides personalized feedback to help with online meetings. It works on Mac and Windows and is kept secure and private.

It provides real-time feedback on words used, filler words, confidence, energy, empathy and more, without anyone else knowing. It also provides detailed analysis of trends over time, so users can track their progress and improve their speaking.

It also offers access to a library of content created by speech coaches to provide personalized lessons. Poised integrates with over 800 communication tools, including Zoom, Google Meet, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

It also provides alerts and tips to help users improve their speech and create persuasive presentations with clarity. Poised has been praised by professionals for its ease of use and real-time feedback, and is perfect for product managers, executives, founders, interviewers, salespeople, and anyone else wanting to improve their communication skills.


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Apr 20, 2024
its not free

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Pros and Cons


Free tool
Customized feedback
Works on Mac/Windows
Data secured
Data privacy
Real-time feedback
Analyzes trends over time
Massive content library
Integrates 800+ tools
For various professionals
Alerts and tips
Increases persuasive presentations
High praise for ease-of-use
Real-time improvements
Increased speaking confidence
Detailed analysis of speech
Personalized lessons by experts
No one else knows
Tracks user progress
Highly regarded by professionals
Improvement of meeting skills
Benefits for salespersons
Exposure of filler words
Offers improvement in energy
Enhances empathy in communication
Actionable insights
Capture of most spoken words
Insightful presentation feedback
Improvement of public speaking
Useful for interview preparations
Improvement of communication skills
Proffessional skills development
Feedback on speech pace
Feedback on speech persuasiveness
Feedback on speech clarity


No mobile version
Reliant on third-party platforms
Not applicable to in-person communication
Doesn't support all communication tools
Limited language support
May misinterpret speech nuances
No offline mode


What does Poised 2.0 offer to improve meeting communication?
Who is the target audience for Poised?
Which operating systems does Poised support?
How does Poised ensure user privacy and data security?
What kind of real-time feedback does Poised provide?
Can I track my progress over time with Poised?
Does Poised provide a learning content library?
Which communication tools is Poised compatible with?
Does Poised offer alerts and tips for better speech?
What professional fields has Poised been praised in?
How does Poised help create persuasive presentations?
What is the Poised demo and how can I access it?
How does Poised define 'speakshare' in its performance analysis?
Do participants in my meetings know that I am using Poised?
How does Poised handle my calendar data for the purpose of feedback?
How can I integrate Poised with my online meetings?
Is there any cost involved in using Poised?
What kind of personalized lessons does Poised offer?
What information do I get in Poised's detailed analysis trends?
What types of insights does Poised provide for video calls?


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