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Writing polished, workplace-appropriate emails.
Generated by ChatGPT is a powerful AI tool that can help you write professional, workplace appropriate emails in seconds. It works by taking a draft of your email written in any language or style and using AI to clean and refine the text, removing any slang or expletives. is available as a Google Chrome browser extension and can be used with Gmail, Outlook, and other sites. To use the tool, simply write a quick draft of the email and click the ‘Fix my Email’ button.

The AI then takes the email and sends it to OpenAI who process it and provide a cleaned version of the email to be sent. The AI-powered tool is economical, costing only ~$0.002 per email.

The fees are used to keep the site running.


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Pros and Cons


Works with multiple email platforms
Quick email refining process
Economical per email cost
Available as a Chrome extension
Removing inappropriate content
Simple 'Fix my Email' functionality
Cleans up slang
Adjusts content to professional style
Useful in multiple languages
On-site email refining
Functional on various sites
Easy to use interface
Rapid processing speed
Supports site through fees
Free trials available


Only works with specific browsers
Processing can take 20 seconds
Reliance on third-party service
Limited to email refinement
No mobile app available
No offline functionality
No API available
No bulk processing option


What is
How does work?
Can edit emails in different languages?
Is available as a browser extension?
Does work with Gmail and Outlook?
How do I use to clean my emails?
Does remove expletives and slang from emails?
How much does it cost to use
Where do the fees for go?
Is associated with OpenAI?
Do I need my own OpenAI account to use the extension?
How long does it take for to fix an email?
What is the 'Fix my Email' button?
Is my email data secure with
What is the main purpose of
Can I use for personal emails?
What makes different from other email correction tools?
Can I donate to the project?
Does work with other email providers as well?
Can handle complex sentences in an email?

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