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Business Intelligence without the complications.
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Polymer aims to simplify the Business Intelligence process, removing complex setups and steep learning curves. It enables users to build dashboards, and visualize and present their data effectively.

The tool is designed for a range of users - no requirement of data analyst skills is needed to construct interactive reports and aesthetic dashboards.

The offering includes an AI feature for saving time and presenting answers to unasked questions. Alongside its base features, it provides options like embedded analytics for integrating charts and graphs into your own applications and services, and a collaborative environment for sharing feedback and setting up regular reports within your dashboard.

Additionally, the tool comes equipped with template examples for various sectors such as E-commerce, Marketing, and Sales, and integration possibilities with platforms like Shopify, Google Sheets, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Salesforce.

One unique feature of Polymer is its accessibility for educators and students who get to use the tool for free.


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Pros and Cons


Simplifies Business Intelligence process
Enables dashboard construction
Promotes data visualization
User-friendly interface
No data analyst skills required
Allows interactive reports
Embedded analytics feature
Collaborative tool for feedback
Regular reports setup
Variety of template examples
E-commerce tailored
Marketing tailored
Sales tailored
Integrates with Shopify
Integrates with Google Sheets
Integrates with Facebook Ads
Integrates with Google Analytics
Integrates with Google Ads
Integrates with Salesforce
Free for educators and students
Includes pre-set templates
Invites colleagues and stakeholders
Automated insights extraction
Allows data embedding
Quick data sharing
Sophisticated dashboard creation
Supports multiple data connectors
No technical skills needed
Automated dashboard building
E-commerce data integration
Marketing data integration
Sales data integration
Operations data visualization
Reveals customer trends
Reveals purchase patterns
Ad performances insights
Optimizes operational alignment
Searchable data archive
Spreadsheet data innovation
14-day free trial
Visualizations for non-technical users
Data presentation anywhere
Data connector support
Supports varied ad platforms


Limited integration platforms
No explicit data security
No mobile application
No offline usage
Limited template examples
No built-in data connectors
Missing advanced analytics
Lack of clear onboarding


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Does Polymer offer services for students and educators?
How can I use Polymer without having data analyst skills?
Does Polymer offer any templates? If yes, how can they be used?
In what ways can Polymer enhance collaboration within a team?
Can I construct interactive reports using Polymer?
Does Polymer provide a demonstration or trial period?
Do I need any technical skills to use Polymer?
How can shop owners enhance their business using Polymer?
What kind of benefits does Polymer offer to enterprise-level organizations?
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How does the AI in Polymer aid in presenting unasked answers?

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