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Create AI Talking Avatars for your Channels
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Polymorf is an innovative tool primarily designed for content creators, marketers, and educators to generate custom talking avatar videos. Users creating content for platforms such as YouTube and TikTok can animate avatars with synchronized lip movements, bringing an image to life with an artificial voice.

Polymorf's functionality extends to allow users to type in a script for the avatar to articulate, making it an effective tool for creating engaging video content.

It supports multiple languages and even offers a feature where users can upload their own voice, which the AI then clones to use in the video. Once the preferences are set, users can render their video with a single click and receive a notification upon completion.

This tool also provides flexibility with video dimensions, enabling generation of portrait, landscape, or square videos. Users have the option to select from a library of avatars or to upload a custom image.

With a simplified process, Polymorf provides a unique solution to generate AI-driven videos without the necessity of user's physical presence or video editing skills, making it a convenient and efficient tool for generating short form content.


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Pros and Cons


Generates gaming avatars
Aids in content creation
Provides voice cloning
Assists in script creation
Supports multi language
One-click rendering
Offers control over video dimensions
Personalized characters option
Suits content creators, marketers, educators
Supports avatar animation with lip-sync
Private and secure image storage
Quick turnaround time
Library of avatars available
Supports user image upload
No need for physical presence
No video editing skills required
Perfect for short form content
Allows avatar customization
100+ voices available


No refund policy
Images deleted after 24 hours
High GPU costs
Limited to 15 characters
No direct integration with social platforms
Requires 10-20 images for generation
Limited voice cloning
No live preview before rendering
No API for developers
Custom image upload unsupported


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