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Pooks.ai is a groundbreaking platform that utilizes sophisticated AI to curate and customize personalized books in line with users' interests and intellectual pursuits.

With Pooks.ai, you can venture into the dynamic domain of personalized books and revolutionize the way you engage with literature.This platform offers both ebooks and audiobooks, providing the ultimate personalized reading and learning experience.

Pooks.ai adapts each book to cater to your specific needs, circumstances, and preferences, offering a swift, proficient, and user-friendly service that redefines how you absorb information.The personalized books created by Pooks.ai are available in ebook formats such as PDF, ePub, and mobi, as well as audiobook formats like m4b and zip files of mp3 files.

The average length of a book is approximately 150 pages or 2-3 hours of audio, depending on the amount of information you provide.For about the cost of a typical generic book, Pooks.ai offers you a unique, customized reading experience that integrates your custom information seamlessly.

You can even download a free sample before making a purchase.Pooks.ai covers a wide range of non-fiction subjects, including fitness, travel, pet training and care, self-help, marketing, weight loss, public speaking, book marketing, and real estate.

Each personalized book is tailored to provide invaluable insights, techniques, and strategies specific to your interests and goals. With Pooks.ai, you can unlock your true potential, achieve optimal wellbeing, elevate your business, and embrace a happier, fitter, and more fulfilled life.


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Pooks was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 12th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized book creation
Books tailored to interests
Offers ebooks and audiobooks
Adapts to specific needs
Swift, proficient service
User-friendly interface
Prices similar to generic books
Multiple ebook formats (PDF, ePub, mobi)
Audiobook available in m4b, mp3
Approximately 150 page long books
2-3 hours audio books
Wide range of non-fiction subjects
Option to download free sample
Specifically caters to health goals
Tailored travel books
Personalized pet care books
Self-help books with personalized insights
Personalized marketing books
Personalized weight loss books
Specific book marketing plan
Real estate book for specific property


Limited to non-fiction subjects
Requires extensive personal information
Limited audio formats
Only English language support
No physical book options
No multi-device sync
No sharing capability
No bookmarking feature
No genre customisation
No free tier


What is Pooks.ai?
What does Pooks.ai offer?
How does Pooks.ai customize books?
What formats are available for Pooks.ai books?
What is the average length of a book generated by Pooks.ai?
How much does a personalized ebook or audiobook from Pooks.ai cost?
What topics does Pooks.ai cover?
Can I download a sample book from Pooks.ai before purchasing?
How user-friendly is the Pooks.ai platform?
How long does it take for Pooks.ai to generate a personalized book?
How does Pooks.ai integrate my personal information into the books?
What specific needs and preferences does Pooks.ai cater to in their personalized books?
Does Pooks.ai offer personalized non-fiction books?
Can I get a personalized fitness book from Pooks.ai?
What kind of personalized marketing strategies can I expect from a Pooks.ai book?
Can Pooks.ai assist with my weight loss goals?
Does Pooks.ai offer guides for public speaking?
Can I get a personalized real estate book from Pooks.ai?
What type of travel guides does Pooks.ai offer?
Can Pooks.ai create a personalized book on pet training and care?

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