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Generate personalized AI avatars from your photos.
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Posed AI is a tool that allows users to generate personalized AI avatars. It operates by letting users upload photos of their face and upper body from a range of angles and with various expressions.

These images are used to train an AI model that can produce an avatar matching the user's features. There is a myriad of avatar styles available, including themes such as Fantasy, Galactic, and Medieval, among others.

Once the images have been uploaded, the user's AI is set to train. This training can take up to 90 minutes, after which the generated avatars will be available on the user's dashboard.

With a commitment to high quality, Posed AI uses advanced technology to produce images of 400 DPI resolution, suitable for various uses including social media posts, profile pictures and print.

As for privacy, the user's photos are deleted immediately after the AI training and the trained model is removed after 15 days. Posed AI accepts various payment methods and ensures secure transactions.

Please note that while refunds are available under certain conditions, free trials are not offered due to the computing resources required.


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Pros and Cons


+100 avatar styles
Secure Stripe payment
14-day refund policy
Upload personal photos
Dashboard access for avatars
400 DPI high-resolution avatars
Suitable for social media
Immediate photo deletion after training
Model deletion after 15 days
Wide angle and expression captures
Crisp and clear for print
Various supported photo formats
Customer query support
Data privacy prioritized
High-accuracy avatar generation
Multiple payment methods
High customer satisfaction
No storage of card information
No free trials
Multiple themes for avatars
Personalization with advanced technology


Limited photo formats supported
Long avatar generation time
No free trials available
14-day refund policy
Non-refundable once token used
Mandatory photo deletion post-training
User model removed after 15 days
Requires multiple photos for accuracy
No GIF support
Token-based purchase system


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Can I get a refund from Posed AI?
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