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Post Genie is an AI tool that creates unique and engaging social media posts for individuals, businesses, and brands. It uses powerful artificial intelligence to generate thought-provoking and high engagement posts uniquely tailored to the user's needs, saving time and effort in content creation.

With the free trial, users can experience the seamless process and get four tokens to use immediately. Post Genie can create posts related to varied topics, from budget-friendly meals to cooking tips, making it a versatile tool for different industries.

This tool leverages the capabilities of AI for businesses and individuals who want to save time and resources in content creation. Post Genie can assist in generating attention-grabbing and engaging posts for social media, while still maintaining a consistent brand image.

The service is easy to use, making it accessible for users of different skill levels creating a low-intensity task. Overall, Post Genie is an AI tool that aims to simplify and streamline social media content creation, ensuring that individuals and businesses can focus on other aspects of their operations.


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Apr 27, 2023
honestly, really great, the features they have added such as scheduling, bulk schedules and twitter, mastodon scheduling are really good. they say facebook, linkedin and insta are being added soon so already purchased my subscription in case prices go up, so far, so good. the ai post generator actually works really well, posts are fun, well written, and actually sound human. looking forward to seeing what else they add in the future!

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Pros and Cons


Generates unique posts
Time-saving tool
High engagement rate
Versatile for industries
Helps maintain brand image
Provides free trial
Offers tokens upon joining
Featured on Product Hunt
Live preview of posts
Suitable for growing businesses
Great for entrepreneurs
Useful for marketing agencies
Fast content creation
Offers a look at how posts may appear
Useful for content experimentation
Aids in bulk social media management
Allows task scheduling


Limited free trial
Need to purchase tokens
Only text-based, no images
No training for unique styles
Unpredictable content quality
Cannot schedule posts
Could breach character limit
No analytics provided
No multi-platform post formatting


What is Post Genie?
How does Post Genie create social media posts?
What industries can use Post Genie?
What are the benefits of using Post Genie for content creation?
Is Post Genie suitable for individual users or businesses?
Does Post Genie maintain a consistent brand image in posts?
How user-friendly is Post Genie?
Is there a free trial for Post Genie?
Are there any limits on the kind of topics Post Genie can create posts about?
How does Post Genie use AI?
How does Post Genie save time in content creation?
Can Post Genie be used by users with different skill levels?
How does Post Genie help businesses and individuals?
What is the registration process like for Post Genie?
How do the tokens work on Post Genie?
Does Post Genie assist in creating engaging posts for social media?
Can I see a preview of my posts on Post Genie?
How can Post Genie be used by marketing agencies?
Are there any additional services or features Post Genie offers after registration?
Do I have to purchase more tokens after registration on Post Genie?

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