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Postlyy is an AI-powered platform tailor-made for content creators and managers, designed to plan, create, schedule, analyze content primarily for X and LinkedIn platforms.

It provides cohort features including a notebook for crafting engaging AI-based content, management hub for scheduling posts, advanced analytics for insights generation, and team collaboration for seamless integration & efficiency.

It guides users to elevate their content, eliminate on-the-spot improvisation and maximize their creative potential. The insightful AI-analytics influence users in understanding their audience better and growing faster.

It also handles recurring and evergreen posts for LinkedIn and Twitter. It provides custom dashboards that allow for a quick overview of content analytics.

Additionally, it offers a text-to-image tool and AI-based content generation in their advanced plans. A unique feature of Postlyy includes its newsletters that share innovative content strategies and spotlight inspiring content creators to encourage network building within the community.


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Postlyy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 4th 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Tailored for content creators
Content scheduling
Advanced analytics
Collaboration tools
Handles recurring posts
Custom dashboards
Text-to-image tool
Newsletters for networking
Content optimization strategies
LinkedIn, Twitter marketing
Advanced insight generation
Content management hub
Notebook feature for planning
Planning and analysis
Enhanced creative potential
Seamless integration options
Encourages network building
Offers strategic content tips
Personalized content strategies
Unique newsletter features
Evergreen posts scheduling
Lowers improvisation needs
Maximizes creator's creativity
Community centered
Streamlined content management
Unified platform for LinkedIn, Twitter
Audience-focused analytics
Free trial offer
Calendar Management
Plans for various-sized businesses
Serves different business sizes
Complimentary Manager Overview
Personal to enterprise plans
Innovative strategies newsletter
Content creator spotlight
Newsletter for content tips
Flexible Pricing Models
Business customizability


Limited to LinkedIn and Twitter
Expensive advanced plans
No mention of third-party integration
No Facebook or Instagram support
Text-to-Image tool only on premium
Limited collaborative aspects
No mobile app mentioned
No free plan available
Metrics visualisation appears limited


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What does the custom dashboard on Postlyy display?
What text-to-image tool does Postlyy provide?
How does the AI-based content generation work in Postlyy's advanced plans?
How does Postlyy's newsletter feature operate?
Can Postlyy enhance my social media strategy?
Does Postlyy offer plans for content scheduling?
Are there collaboration tools included in Postlyy?
How does Postlyy assist in content optimization?
Does Postlyy support LinkedIn and Twitter marketing?
What does the content planning feature of Postlyy entail?
What insights can I expect from the advanced analytics of Postlyy?
How convenient is page management using Postlyy?
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How is Postlyy different from other content management platforms?

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