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Generated thematic stock portfolios.
Generated by ChatGPT

Potato is a tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate stock portfolios for investors. It allows users to create their own ETF ideas by selecting a theme or event that they are interested in, or by creating a custom portfolio from scratch.

The tool provides investment ideas based on future investing themes and trends for stocks, forex, and crypto. Potato's thematic investing is designed to make investing more accessible to everyone.

It also enables users to rank the baskets created by other users based on their gains and their investment strategies. The baskets are available in various categories such as Technology, Healthcare, Energy, Robotics, and Infrastructure.

The site allows users to browse through a list of pre-made baskets and to create their own, which can be shared among other investors. The portfolios are updated on a regular basis and users can view their performance over a given period.

Potato's AI-generated stock portfolios provide an opportunity for users to customize their investment strategy while taking advantage of the insights from AI-powered algorithms.

Overall, Potato aims to help users build diversified portfolios with the potential to achieve higher returns.


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May 24, 2023
Finally a finance site that's not boring. A feast for the eyes!
May 24, 2023
Wow!! Awesome idea and execution.

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Pros and Cons


Generates thematic stock portfolios
Custom ETF creation
Investment strategies ranking
Broad category availability
Regular portfolio updates
Performance tracking over time
User collaboration through sharing
Forex and crypto investment ideas
Custom portfolio creation
Thematic investment accessibility
Community driven investment strategies
High returns potential
Investing trends tracking
Personal investment strategy customization
Browsing pre-made investment baskets
User themed investment idea creation
Ranked user-created baskets
List of potential future investing themes


Focus mainly on stock market
Limited asset classes offered
No physical assets options
Limited to predefined themes
No direct implementation of strategies
User-dependent portfolio management
Regular updates could disrupt strategies
Shared portfolios privacy concerns
No clear backup or restoration features
Not designed for professional traders


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Which categories are the stock baskets available in on Potato?
Can I create and share my own baskets on Potato?
How often are the portfolios on Potato updated?
How can Potato help me achieve higher returns?
Can I view portfolio performance over a specific period on Potato?
Does Potato provide investment ideas for stocks, forex, and crypto?
Can I browse through a list of pre-made baskets on Potato?
What is the significance of Potato's sector categorization?
What is Potato's stance on user community?
Can Potato be used on any browser?
Are the stock portfolios created by AI or by Potato's team?
How specific or broad can the themes or events for the ETF ideas be on Potato?
How does Potato decide on future investing themes and trends?
How diversified can the portfolios become using Potato?

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