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Improve interviewing and communication practices.
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PracticeTalking is an AI tool designed for practicing conversations and interviews. Using the AI service, users can engage in fun or educational conversations with pre-trained bots or create and customize their own bots.

The tool offers diverse AI conversation scenarios, such as having a conversation with a celebrity, practicing interviews for job applications, admissions interviews, or initiating a conversation with a new friend.

PracticeTalking AI service aims to help users improve their communication skills and gain confidence when engaging in conversations. It also enables users to practice important conversations with real people before they happen, enabling them to get feedback and improve their performance.

The AI tool is user-friendly, and users can easily access and customize pre-trained bots, create their own AI bots, or leverage bots created by the community's users.

Additionally, the AI tool allows users to manage and see all the AI agents they have created. Overall, PracticeTalking is an excellent tool for individuals who want to improve their communication skills or practice for important conversations and interviews.

By focusing on enhancing practical conversation skills, PracticeTalking offers a unique value proposition that distinguishes it from other general-purpose conversational AI tools.


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Mar 13, 2024
I have tried over an over again even on different pcs but none of the options work. I cannot talk to anyone. It looks like they are typring or sth but nothing comes up.
Oct 22, 2023
It's so realistic I actually think this is how they would respond.
May 22, 2023
Hi. I developed this website so please let me know if you have any questions. Would appreciate any feedback!

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Pros and Cons


Pre-trained bots available
Customizable bots
Diverse conversation scenarios
Allows practicing important conversations
Feedback to improve performance
User-friendly interface
Community-created bots
Focus on practical communication skills
Chat with simulated celebrities
Simulates job interviews
Simulates admission interviews
Initiate new friend conversations
Simulates conversations with crushes
Historical figure conversations
Allows conversation trials
Facilitates communication skill improvement
Boosts user confidence
Encourages user creativity
Community sharing of bots
Assistance in overcoming shyness
Practice before real interaction


No voice recognition
No real-time feedback
No multi-language support
No mobile app
No speech output
Cannot simulate group conversations
No subscription plan variety
No offline mode
No direct integration with HR tools


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Can I practice conversations with celebrities using PracticeTalking?
How user-friendly is PracticeTalking?
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What makes PracticeTalking unique from other AI conversation tools?
Can I practice conversations that I'm nervous about on PracticeTalking?
Can I get feedback on my communication skills using PracticeTalking?
How can PracticeTalking help me gain confidence in conversations?
Does PracticeTalking have a community where I can share or use AIs created by other users?
Does PracticeTalking offer chat scenarios for practicing admissions interviews?
Can I practice starting a conversation with new friends on PracticeTalking?
What are the future plans for improving PracticeTalking?

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