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Automated prank calls.
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PrankGPT is an AI tool that allows users to make prank phone calls using an AI-powered voice. The tool offers users the option to input a phone number, choose a voice from two available options, and then input a prompt.

The AI is then instructed on what to talk about in the phone call. The tool is intended for entertainment purposes only and not for malicious use.In terms of user experience, PrankGPT is simple and easy to use.

Its design is user-friendly, and the tool is compatible with any device that can access the internet. Moreover, PrankGPT's voices are provided by Rime Labs and Google Cloud.It is important to note that PrankGPT is not intended for malicious use, and the developers warn users against using the tool for phishing, spamming or other harmful activities.

Additionally, it is essential to consider the privacy of the person being called and ensure that they are complicit in the prank. Any illegal or immoral use of the tool is not supported or encouraged.

Overall, PrankGPT offers an entertaining and creative way to spend time with friends and family with its AI voice, making prank phone calls seem more realistic and humorous.

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Pros and Cons


Easy to use interface
Two voice options
Works on any device
User-friendly design
Entertainment Focused
Entry of phone number
Prank call management
Accessible internet requirement
No malicious use intent
Voices provided by Rime Labs
Voices provided by Google Cloud
Making Prank call realistic
Endorsing lawful use
Respecting privacy of prank recipient
Providing humorous experience
Improves social activities with friends and family
Voices imitation for prank calls
No need for voice acting
Entertainment through innocuous pranks
Creativity promotion through prompts
Highly customizable prank calls
Fosters friendly relations in a fun way
JavaScript enabled for application run
Supports international prank calls
Open source library usage
Superior voice tech from industry leaders
Wide range of prank themes
Prank call scheduling feature
Emphasis on responsible use
Prompt input for call guidance
Prank execution autonomy
Voice alteration for anonymity
Personalized call pranks
List of countries for choice
Partnered with tech organisations for creation
Detailed usage instructions
Prank calls to multiple countries
Distinctively engaging voice tones
Instant Start call button
Providing a fresh take on pranks
Light-hearted approach for user enjoyment
Diverse demographic user compatibility
Cool and intuitive depictions of voice options
Product hunt listed tool
Quick Prank creation process
Easy prank execution


Only two voice options
Potential privacy concerns
Easily exploited for misuse
Limited input prompts
Dependant on third-party voices
No real-time interaction option
No voice customisation options
Internet connection essential


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How realistic are the AI voices of PrankGPT?

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