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Improved study management.
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Prepar is an AI-powered study management tool that helps users to organize and keep track of their study schedule, tasks, and reviews. With the personalized and detailed list generated by Prepar, users can efficiently manage their revision time and increase productivity.

The tool also provides users with reminders to review particular topics, and suggestions on where they need to focus and improve their performance. Prepar is designed to help people preparing for public exams, and it features an AI-generated daily question feature that assists users in mastering their areas of study.The tool offers a 15-day free trial for all plans, and users can choose from three different plans: monthly, quarterly, and annual.

All plans include automatic revision control, study goals, performance charts, mock exam/test controls, weekly summaries, study groups, and AI-generated daily questions.

Furthermore, the Quarterly and Annual plans offer up to 50% discounts for users. Prepar is an organized and valuable tool that helps students stay motivated, focused, and on track.

The platform also offers a blog and useful tutorials for users to be well-prepared for their exams.


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Pros and Cons


Organizes study schedule
Track study tasks
Track study reviews
Personalized study list
Detailed study list
Efficient study management
Review reminders
Study focus suggestions
Performance improvement pointers
Designed for public exams
Offers 15-day free trial
Plan options: monthly, quarterly, annual
Automatic revision control
Study goals feature
Performance charts
Mock exam/test controls
Weekly summaries
Study group feature
Discounted quarterly, annual plans
Motivational tool
Study track maintenance
Blog and tutorial provision
No credit card required for trial
Control of topics
Track study history
Helps avoid study overwhelm
Control of pages read
Automatic study cycle
Referral benefits
Affiliate program
Customer support email


No offline functionality
Lacks cross-platform support
No free version
Limited customization options
No third-party integrations
No translation support
Inaccessible API
Missing collaborative, real-time editing
No multi-language support


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What resources does Prepar offer for preparing for exams?
How can I start my 15-day free trial on Prepar?
What does the automatic revision control feature on Prepar do?
Can I track my study goals with Prepar?
How do performance charts in Prepar aid my study?
What is the function of mock exam/test controls on Prepar?
What are the benefits of the AI-generated daily questions on Prepar?
Can I form study groups on Prepar?
What is Prepar's artificial intelligence used for?
How does Prepar determine when and what I need to review?
What is the significance of Prepar's weekly summaries?
How can I invite friends to join Prepar?
What is Prepar's policy regarding user privacy and data security?

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