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Prepare for your technical interview with AI-powered simulations.
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Preps is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven tool that provides immersive mock interview simulations, specifically designed to emulate real-world technical interviews typically conducted at leading tech companies.

The tool's unique AI capabilities allow users to get an experience that is as close as possible to a real technical interview, including handling unexpected questions and providing concise and effective responses.

Preps offers flexible usage, permitting users to engage with an AI interviewer at any location and time that suits them. The tool also offers real-time interaction, mirroring the immediacy and spontaneity of an actual human interviewer.

Another feature of Preps allows users to customize their experience, where they can opt for any topic of their choice, and set their level of difficulty for the practice interview.

Therefore, Preps serves users as a highly adaptable, realistic, and convenient medium for interview preparations. Its goal is to ensure users attain quality preparation and thereby, improve their performance in real technical interviews.


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Preps was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 27th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Immersive mock interview simulations
Emulates real tech interviews
Handles unexpected questions
Real-time interaction
Flexible usage
Interview practice Anytime, Anywhere
User-customizable topics
Adjustable difficulty levels
Promotes efficient responses
Tech interview-specialized
Offers professional development
Highly adaptable experience
Real-world question resemblance
Improves real interview performance
Simulates human interviewer spontaneity
Multilingual support
Free to use
Concise response training
Adaptable learning environment
Realistic interaction simulation
Quality preparation focus
Direct input on difficulty
Interviewer response immediacy


No offline availability
Limited to tech interviews
Real time conversation constraints
Lacks human spontaneity
Doesn't support multiple languages
Inability to simulate group interviews
No feedback on body language
Redundant for experienced professionals
Possible issue of repetition


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How does Preps help with interview skills enhancement?
Is Preps' interview simulation 1:1 with real life interviews?

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