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Press Monkey: Write & distribute press releases
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Press Monkey is an AI tool specifically designed to assist businesses in the writing and distribution of press releases. This web-based platform acts as an automated press release writer and distributor, helping companies save time and effort in crafting impactful announcements.

By leveraging artificial intelligence capabilities, Press Monkey aims to streamline the often tedious task of creating compelling press releases.The key feature of Press Monkey is its ability to generate professionally written press releases.

This AI tool uses natural language processing algorithms to analyze provided information and create well-structured and engaging content. Businesses can input essential details, such as event announcements, product launches, or company achievements, and Press Monkey will generate a draft that adheres to industry standards.Additionally, Press Monkey offers a distribution service, aiding companies in publishing their press releases to the appropriate outlets.

Through its extensive network of media contacts and platforms, this AI tool ensures that press releases reach the desired audiences effectively. By handling the distribution process, Press Monkey significantly reduces the time and resources required by businesses to manually identify and engage with media channels.Overall, Press Monkey provides a streamlined solution for companies seeking to enhance their PR efforts.

It allows businesses to quickly and efficiently draft professionally written press releases, and subsequently distribute them to targeted media outlets.

By removing the need for manual content creation and distribution, Press Monkey can save businesses valuable time and resources while maintaining the quality and effectiveness of their press releases.


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Press Monkey was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 26th 2023.
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