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Chat with amazing Anime or Realistic characters. Create your Dream Anime or Realistic Girlfriend. Get beautiful pictures in chat or shoot them in your photo studio. Get the best experience on the market. Send pictures in chat getting an amazing interaction level.

Unrestricted and Unfiltered AI Chat. Engage in amazing conversations with lifelike AI Characters. Hundreds of Realistic and Anime characters available.

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Free trial + pay-as-you-go.

Do you have subscriptions?
No, we chose a Pay-as-you-go system, we said no to bothering subscriptions plans

What Are The Features of Your Tool?
Character and AI-girlfriend simplified generation. Powerful language models and cutting edge picture generation models. Get beautiful pictures in chat, let characters know your name. Send pictures in chat.
Save was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 2nd 2023.
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Feb 8, 2024
Excelent roleplay app!
Dec 15, 2023
Great chatbot app and great customer service! Devs did a great job
Dec 15, 2023
Great chats and great fun!
Dec 5, 2023
Great chat experience

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