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E-commerce product descriptions generated.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI tool designed to empower e-commerce businesses by generating product descriptions using artificial intelligence. The tool aims to transform online stores by providing up to 5000 product descriptions within three business days. combines the power of AI with a deep understanding of e-commerce needs to streamline product listings and boost sales.The tool offers two main services: "Done-for-you" and "Do-it-yourself".

With the "Done-for-you" service, businesses provide their product list, and handles the rest, generating high-quality descriptions for up to 5000 products in three business days.

Alternatively, businesses can take control and generate their own descriptions using's user-friendly provides case studies to highlight how it has helped businesses enhance their product listings and increase sales.

The tool generates descriptions that are as compelling as those written by professional copywriters and can be tailored to match the brand voice and specific requirements.

The generated descriptions are SEO-optimized, improving search engine visibility for the online store.The goal of is to save businesses time by eliminating the hassle and time-consuming process of writing descriptions.

By signing up for the platform, businesses can experience firsthand how the AI-powered tool can revolutionize their e-commerce operations and drive more sales.


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Prodescription was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates 5000 descriptions in 3 days
Specific service for unique businesses
User-friendly platform
Supplies case studies
Compelling, high-quality descriptions
SEO-optimized descriptions
Matches brand voice
Saves businesses time
Two main services
Experience firsthand before signing up
Flexible solutions
Quick product descriptions generation
Description customization
High-quality bulk descriptions
Optimized workflow
Available worldwide
Multilingual support
Free trials for evaluation
Enhances online product presence
Free consultation with specialists
Many trusted teams
Effortless description creation
Platform for DIY descriptions
Optional hands-off service
Streamlines product listings
Boosts online store's sales
Good for varied business sizes
Vast examples available
Matches specific business requirements
Efficient online presence enhancement
Social media presence
Good customer communication
Distinguishable service offerings
Flexible for large businesses
Quick turnaround time
Detailed product descriptions
Evolved e-commerce solutions
Delivers high-quality outputs
Works well for large catalogues
Trusted by many online stores
Facilitates e-commerce empowerment
Assurance of high-quality descriptions
Transparent relationship with client
Progressive enhancement in sales
Comprehensive product narratives
Seamless e-commerce operations
Eradication of description hassle
Increases search engine visibility


Limited flexibility in content
No mention of multilingual support
Unclear pricing structure
No API mentioned
Limited to 5000 descriptions
Long turnaround (3 days)
Lack of customization features
Unknown data handling/security
Reliance on user provided list


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How does aid in improving search engine visibility?
What is the main goal of
Is there a trial version for
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Does allow customizing the product descriptions?
How does's AI compare to a professional copywriter?
What steps are involved in using's 'Done-for-you' service?
How can I get in contact with
What are the requirements needed to use's 'Do-it-yourself' platform?
How does help businesses save time?
Are there any requirements for businesses to use's services?
Can handle a large online shop with thousands of products?
Can I book a call with a specialist at

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