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Automate product management for increased efficiency.
Generated by ChatGPT is a product management tool designed to automate and speed up the product development lifecycle process. This tool is about the automation of product management tasks such as generating Product Requirement Documents (PRDs), crafting use-cases, and more.

It acts as a single source of truth for product management needs, offering a product library among other features. uses Generative AI technology to automatically generate product requirements and user stories thus accelerating the process of bringing a product to market.

It also offers a platform to input a product vision, from which it then leverages its automation capabilities to give an early start in shaping that vision into a concrete product plan.A searchable database of pre-built user stories and requirements is provided to ease the process of identifying the perfect user story for a product.

Collaboration features are also supported, and the platform can send notifications concerning any changes, allowing teams to work together more effectively.

Users can manage their entire product portfolio via the platform, with the added convenience of being able to export data to popular applications like JIRA.

Achieving quicker speed to market is emphasized through the utilization of the platforms pre-existing data and generative AI.


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Pros and Cons


Automates product management tasks
Generates Product Requirement Documents
Crafts use-cases
Single source of truth
Offers product library
Generates product requirements
Generates user stories
Accelerates product-to-market process
Inputs product vision
Shapes product vision to plan
Searchable database of user stories
Searchable database of requirements
Supports collaboration features
Sends notifications of changes
Manages entire product portfolio
Exports data to JIRA
Utilizes pre-existing data
Offers recommendations to save time
Free premium trial
Automates PRD generation
Collaborative product building
Powerful integrations with other tools


Lacks native mobile app
Limited third-party integrations
No multi-language support
No offline access
No versioning for documents
Unclear data privacy policy
No custom branding options
Limited customization capabilities
Only supports JIRA export
No live chat support


What is
How does automate the product management process?
What is Generative AI technology in
How can help in crafting use-cases?
What is a product library in
How does support collaboration among teams?
Can send notifications regarding changes in the product development process?
How can I manage my entire product portfolio using
Can I export data from to other applications like JIRA?
How does accelerate the process of bringing a product to market?
How does facilitate finding the perfect user story for my product?
How can I input my product vision into
What types of tasks does automate?
How does contribute to achieving quicker speed to market?
Can I generate Product Requirement Documents (PRDs) using
Does provide a searchable database of pre-built user stories and requirements?
How does act as a single source of truth for product management needs?
What are the key features of
Why should I use for my product management needs?
How does use data to increase efficiency in product development?

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