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Intelligently automate product development process.
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Product Board is an AI-powered tool designed to help businesses develop their product ideas and bring them to market quickly while avoiding pitfalls. With this tool, users can hire AI to streamline routine tasks and clarify their product ideas.

Product Board builds a comprehensive map of product values and requirements, helping users turn "rough understanding" of their product into a grounded solution based on real-world needs.

Users can come up with ideas and formulate hypothetical customer problems they want to solve. They can then hire AI to get routine tasks done and clarify their product idea.

AI-based product value maps highlight the impacts that users can have on the customers. Users can also get feedback from thousands of targeted users, testing the core features of their product with AI based on social and media networks.

By using Product Board's product roadmap framework, users can develop a holistic plan automatically. The framework takes users through four steps, including transforming their product idea into a tangible product, mapping the product values, using AI for idea validation, and creating a comprehensive product roadmap.

Product Board is built in public, and users can follow the company's journey on social media and blogs. Overall, Product Board is an effective AI tool for businesses looking to streamline their product development process and avoid missteps, ensuring a successful launch in the marketplace.


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Pros and Cons


Intelligently automates product development
Streamlines routine tasks
Clarifies product ideas
Builds product value maps
Highlights product impacts
Gathers targeted customer feedback
Tests product features
Provides product roadmap framework
Four-step product development process
Transforms idea into product
Helps pick right product direction
Virtual interview mechanism
Weekly goals and flows
Public development transparency
Follow company on social media


No collaboration features
No mobile version
Lacks customer support
Not open-source
No integration with other tools
No offline functionality
Unclear pricing model
Limited customizability
Single user focus
No multi-language support


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