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ProductAI is a professional AI-based tool that generates product photos. It offers a convenient and efficient solution for businesses to obtain high-quality product images without the need for physical photoshoots.

The process is simple: users create a product on the platform, select the desired style for the product shot, and upload a photo of their product with a simple background.

ProductAI then utilizes advanced algorithms and its state-of-the-art AI-photographer to optimize images for lighting, focus, and color. The result is stunning and professional product shots that are emailed to the user.It is important to note that the AI-generated photos may not always be an exact match with the original images, as generative AI works within its current limitations.

However, ProductAI is committed to bridging this gap and continuously improving its technology. The tool offers a premium pass subscription with benefits such as the latest AI model, a 30-day free trial, unlimited product photos, unlimited generated images, multiple scenes, HD resolution, and 5-minute delivery.ProductAI is a smart investment for businesses looking to enhance their branding and drive growth.

It allows them to generate new product photos from their existing ones, saving time and resources. The tool also provides helpful articles and insights about commercial product photography on its website, offering inspiration and guidance for businesses.

Overall, ProductAI offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for obtaining professional product photos through AI technology.


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Jul 31, 2023
An absolute game-changer! Easy, efficient, and impressive! I put in some pics from my DIY cosmetics for the webstore and the clicks doubled! 📸💫

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Pros and Cons


Generates product photos
Optimizes for lighting, focus, color
No need for physical photoshoots
Offers desired style selection
Unlimited product photos
Unlimited generated images
Multiple scenes
HD resolution
5 minute delivery
Continuous tech improvement
30-day free trial
Inspiration articles on website
Professional commercial shots
Saves time and resources
Bridges gap between initial and end result
Advanced algorithms
Automated image processing
Boosts branding and growth
Images delivered via email
Premium pass subscription
Simple image upload
Commercial photography insights
New product shots from existing
Simple product creation platform
Optimized product photo results
User-friendly platform


Subscription only
No offline usage
Inconsistent with original images
Limited style choices
Dependent on existing photo quality
Fixed-square image input
Does not offer multi-language
E-mail delivery only
5-minute processing time


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