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Write product descriptions in seconds with AI.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool designed to help businesses generate product descriptions. Leveraging artificial intelligence, it quickly produces unique and SEO-friendly descriptions.

This tool makes use of information about the product such as title, brand, and category to create tailored descriptions. It also allows users to control the length and tone of the descriptions and include special instructions on specific details to emphasize.

The tool currently supports WooCommerce and there are plans to expand compatibility to other e-commerce platforms in the future. While having a rich set of product data can yield better results, the system is capable of generating viable descriptions even with limited information.

It operates on a credits system where one credit corresponds to the writing of one product description. Starter credits are given to new users for trial purposes.

This tool is especially beneficial for e-commerce stores, providing an efficient solution for their product description needs.


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Pros and Cons


Generates SEO-friendly descriptions
Fast content production
Tailored descriptions per product
Tone control feature
Length control feature
Accepts special instructions
WooCommerce compatibility
Absorb limited product information
Credit-based usage system
Trial credits for newcomers
Plans for further platform compatibility
Savings on large credit packages
Specific for e-commerce stores
No feature limitation on trials
One-time purchases for credits
No monthly fees or subscriptions
Increases efficiency in e-commerce operations
Scalable options for stores sizes
Support for new users
Based on artificial intelligence
Automatic documentation
Rich data processing
Instruments special requests
Product centric descriptions
Details focused on branding


Only supports WooCommerce
Paid credits system
Over-reliance on product data
Lacks flexibility across categories
No multi-language support
Limited special instructions
No integrations with SEO tools
No API access
Not compatible with all e-commerce platforms
No monthly subscription option


What is
How does create product descriptions?
What information does need in order to generate descriptions?
Can I control the length and tone of the descriptions generated by
What e-commerce platforms are currently compatible with
Are there plans to make compatible with more e-commerce platforms?
Can generate descriptions with limited product information?
How does the credits system on work?
What is the value of one credit at
Do new users at get any starter credits for trial?
What aspects of makes it beneficial for e-commerce stores?
Can I include special instructions for to emphasize certain aspects in descriptions?
Is SEO-friendly?
How fast does generate product descriptions?
How unique are the descriptions generated by
What types of businesses benefit from using
Do I need to have a lot of data for to work effectively?
What is the cost to use
Does offer any discounts on bulk purchase of credits?
How can I get started with

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