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Programming support for code generation and analysis.
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Programming Helper is an AI-powered tool designed to help with a wide range of programming tasks. It allows users to generate code with AI just by typing a text description, create SQL commands from a description, translate code to any programming language, generate HTML and CSS from a description, explain code in plain English, fix invalid code, get tests for code, generate a class from a description, create regex from a description and get explanations for it, find the Git command from a description, get Linux commands from a description, generate functions from docstrings, add typing to code, get the programming language from a code, get time complexity and generate meta tags from a description.

It also features an AI chat assistant to answer questions about programming.


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Jul 28, 2023
Code varies from run to run. Still it is a helpful app. You can specify coding languages that are not in the dropdown menu.
Jul 7, 2023
I recommend used this programming helper why because there's no errors code,
Jun 11, 2023
Java programs

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Pros and Cons


Generates code from text
Creates SQL commands
Translates code languages
HTML and CSS generation
Code explanation
Fixes invalid code
Test generation for code
Class generation
Regex generation and explanation
Finds Git command
Finds Linux commands
Generates functions from docstrings
Adds typing to code
Identifies programming languages from code
Calculates time complexity
Generates meta tags
Generates code in multiple languages
Ability to work with many programming languages
Supports test creation for code
Offers regex creation from descriptions
Helps find Git commands
Can generate Linux commands
Assists with adding typing to code
Identifies programming languages from just code


Limited programming languages
No offline mode
Complex text descriptions
SQL commands limitations
Limited HTML/CSS generation
General code fixer
Minimal regex explanation
Lacks wide Git commands
Limited Linux commands
No meta tags preview


What does Programming Helper do?
How does Programming Helper generate code?
What programming languages does Programming Helper support?
Is it possible to create SQL commands using Programming Helper?
Can Programming Helper translate code to any programming language?
How does the Programming Helper generate HTML and CSS?
What sort of code analysis does Programming Helper provide?
Can Programming Helper fix invalid code?
How does Programming Helper generate test cases for code?
Can it generate a class from a simple text description?
How does the regex creation feature in Programming Helper work?
How does the function generation from docstrings feature work in Programming Helper?
Can Programming Helper identify the language of a given code snippet?
How does Programming Helper assess time complexity?
Is it possible to create meta tags using Programming Helper?
What is the AI chat assistant feature in Programming Helper?
Can I use Programming Helper as a learning tool?
Does Programming Helper have an API?
Is there a community around Programming Helper?
What kind of user support does Programming Helper offer?

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