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Generate code just by typing a text description.
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Programming Helper is an AI-powered tool designed to automate various aspects of the coding process through a text-to-code generation functionality. This platform allows users to generate code across different programming languages, merely by providing a text description of the desired function.

Additional features include generating a function, SQL command or class with the help of a description, translating code to any programming language, and creating HTML and CSS from a description.

The application also assists in explaining any code in plain English and in detecting and fixing invalid code. Users can also benefit from the assistance provided in creating tests for their code as well as adding typing to their code.

Regex can be generated from a description, or explained in plain English. Git and Linux commands can also be derived from a description. The tool also has the ability to identify the programming language from a code and analyze its time complexity.

Further, it enables users to generate Meta Tags. In summary, Programming Helper is a comprehensive platform for developers looking to streamline their code generation and understanding process.


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Jul 28, 2023
Code varies from run to run. Still it is a helpful app. You can specify coding languages that are not in the dropdown menu.
Jul 7, 2023
I recommend used this programming helper why because there's no errors code,
Jun 11, 2023
Java programs

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Pros and Cons


Generates code from text
Creates SQL commands from description
Translates code to any language
Generates HTML/CSS from description
Explains code in English
Fixes invalid code
Generates code tests
Generates class from description
Creates regex from description
Finds Git commands from description
Generates Linux commands from description
Generates functions from docstrings
Adds typing to code
Identifies programming language from code
Analyzes code time complexity
Generates meta tags
Code generation for many languages
Regex explanation
Generates HTML from description
Spot fixes syntax errors
Generates tests for code
Generates classes from description
Recognizes programming language
Generates functions from docstrings
Provides time complexity
Generates CSS from description
Community Discord support
Comprehensive, streamlining tool
Generates meta tags from description


No support for IDE integration
Lack of offline functionality
No support for native languages
Limited range of output format
No real-time collaboration feature
No version tracking
Limited language detection
No syntax highlighting for code
No built-in debugging tools
No auto-code formatting


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How does Programming Helper analyze time complexity?
Can Programming Helper add typing to my code?
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Does Programming Helper have an AI chat assistant for programming questions?
Can Programming Helper explain regex in plain English?
How can Programming Helper convert text descriptions to SQL commands?
Does Programming Helper support HTML and CSS generation from text descriptions?

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