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Streamlined project management maximizes productivity.
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Project Planner is a set of AI-powered project management tools designed to enhance staff productivity, streamline communication, and simplify work processes.

By combining artificial intelligence with online project management tools, Project Planner aims to help teams meet deadlines, deliver high-quality work, and improve overall efficiency.One of the key features offered by Project Planner is the PAI AI assistant, which assists in completing tasks and answers team members' questions, leading to improved productivity.

The platform also automates work reporting, allowing team members to report their work online. This information is then summarized by Project Planner, providing real-time data for decision-making purposes.The tool enables users to create unlimited projects, set budgets, timelines, and assign project managers.

Team members can easily assign tasks to themselves or to others within the platform, fostering collaboration and ensuring smooth workflow. Additionally, Project Planner offers project financial reports, including labor costs and profit/loss reports, facilitating effective project management.Project Planner further provides instant communication capabilities through notifications via SMS and email.

The tool also generates staff performance reports and offers additional project management features such as labor costing and team scheduling.Available at a monthly or yearly subscription fee, Project Planner is trusted by businesses across four continents.

Users have reported improved teamwork, increased efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction while using the platform. The customizable nature of Project Planner's features allows businesses to tailor the tools to their specific needs and workflows.


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