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PrometAI is an online artificial intelligence tool that enables creation of detailed business plans. It is designed to assist users through each stage of business plan development, providing a comprehensive framework that lays the foundation for growth.

PrometAI is primarily designed for professionals across various industries and entrepreneurs at any development stage. With PrometAI, users can create business plans and valuations effortlessly based on analytical data which ensures their alignment with industry standards.

It goes beyond simple planning by providing tools for effective decision-making and future forecasting. PrometAI includes features like a strategy toolkit that includes SWOT Analysis, Porter's Five Forces, VRIO, PESTEL, and Strategy Canvas.

It also offers valuation tools, including DCF, Multiples, Residual Value, and the Dividend Model. Additionally, its services include a blueprint feature that guides users in crafting their business plan according to best practices.

A major focus of PrometAI is data security and intellectual property protection. Its platform integrates advanced security technologies and complies with international data protection standards.

Overall, PrometAI simplifies the business planning process by turning complex financial strategies into manageable steps and assists in in-depth financial analysis.


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Jul 9, 2024
Well done, thank you for the site 👍
Jul 10, 2024
Thanks Adam for the kind words! this makes our entire team happy.
Jul 8, 2024
It looks fantastic!!! What about adding Italy to list of the countries sometime?
Jul 8, 2024
Thanks for the kind feedback Federico! We actually have Italy now in the app available in the list of countries.
Jul 4, 2024
Awesome tool @Narek. Are you going to add Australia to the list of countries any time soon?
Jul 5, 2024
Thanks for the kind feedback Kanvo! Absolutely, we will have Australia in the app in the upcoming weeks!
Apr 12, 2024
only focused on the US, no provision for other countries, typical.
May 28, 2024
Dear D Sheahan, Just an update: We have added 37 countries and now are working on adding more
Apr 12, 2024
Dear D Sheahan, Thanks for your feedback and for trying PrometAI! We are actively working on adding Europe, and soon, we will have all the countries covered.
Apr 10, 2024
It's genius. Amazing tool. PDF generation might be improved, but apart from that is amazing.
Apr 5, 2024
I'm impressed with how well it guides you to fill out as much information as you possible can. More info usually equals more accurate results, so that's a big plus from me

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Pros and Cons


Detailed business plan creation
Stage-by-stage guidance
Comprehensive framework
Effortless valuations
Analytical data integration
Decision-making assistance
Future forecasting
In-depth financial analysis
Inclusive strategy toolkit
Valuation tools
Best practices blueprinting
Data security focus
Intellectual property protection
Advanced security technologies
Compliance with international standards
Financial strategies simplification
Easy financial reporting
Industry standards alignment
SWOT, Porter's Five Forces
VRIO, PESTEL, Strategy Canvas
DCF, Multiples, Residual Value
Dividend Model inclusion
Examples for clarity
Section-by-section guidance
Educational insights provision
Refinement and review assistance
Ready to present plans
Motivational guide
Business Phases guidance
Stakeholders identification
PainPoints identification
Streamlined Business Plan Creation
User-friendly platform
Strategic decision-making tools
Insightful data
Ideal for startups
Suitable for various industries
Plan precision
Automatic content generation
Robust business plan formulation
Business planning navigation
Strategic planning security
Business ideas protection
International data protection compliance
Market analysis
Financial projections
Template structures and content guidelines
Roadmaps and market analysis
Risk assessment tools


Not suitable for non-professionals
Limited to business planning
No offline usage
Valuation tools may be complex
Could be overwhelming for beginners
No integrations with other software
Linear business plan structure
No customization for blueprint feature
No explicit multi-user collaboration support
High dependence on user input


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What tools does PrometAI provide for decision-making and future forecasting?
What components are included in PrometAI's strategy toolkit?
How can PrometAI help with business valuations?
What valuation tools does PrometAI provide?
How does the blueprint feature by PrometAI work?
What measures does PrometAI take to ensure data security and intellectual property protection?
How can PrometAI help turn complex financial strategies into manageable steps?
Who are the target users of PrometAI?
What are the main features of PrometAI's AI business plan generator?
How does PrometAI use AI for strategic insights and future success?
How is the business planning process simplified by PrometAI?
What are the benefits of creating a business plan with PrometAI?
What security technologies does PrometAI integrate for protecting business ideas and data?
How does PrometAI assist with improving financial reporting and analysis?
How can PrometAI be used as a guide for crafting a business plan?
What strategic insights are provided by PrometAI for business planning?

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