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Custom prompts for personalized experience.
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PrompBase Midjourney Prompt Builder is a powerful tool for creating custom prompts for a personalized experience. With PrompBase, users can create a prompt with custom content, looks, and settings.

Content can be provided as a .jpg or .png URL, and users can choose between various styles and negative descriptions. For looks, users can choose between cartoon and high-quality photo specific styles, with adjustable settings such as lens type, lighting, and shot type.

Settings can be adjusted with version, style, other models, aspect ratio, seed, chaos, stylize, and quality options. Additionally, users can balance weights, and consider adding a seed for consistency.

With PrompBase, users can create custom prompts with a personalized experience.


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Pros and Cons


Cannot save prompt settings
No multi-language support
Only supports .jpg, .png
Limited style options
No preview function
Restricted aspect ratio choices
Complex interface
No version history
Doesn't support batch prompt creation
No mobile version


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